The Principle of
Freedom & of Liberation

The freedom we as humans currently hunger and fight for is one of the lowest aspects of the greater Cosmic Freedom. This all relates to certain great evolutionary developments enabling the life or spirit aspect to free itself from the impact, the contact, and the influence of substance ~ the journey out of form and into spirit. Non-resistance is a quality of the path to cosmic freedom. And first, we are asked to clear the way for more true freedom to express on planet earth through being in present time and being connected fully to soul.

Freedom is an essentially spiritual attribute underlying the entire evolutionary process; this should always be remembered as a strengthening and conditioning reality by all people everywhere. It has survived aeons of opposition from the principle of enslaving selfishness and is largely responsible, at this time, for the struggle in which we are all participating.
            - The Rays and the Initiations, p. 428

Key Thoughts on the Principle of Freedom

In that this Principle of Freedom is closely associated with the consciousness on Sirius, it governs the expanding initiations we reach as humans in our evolution to membership in the Spiritual Kingdom. This incredible principle aligns us with spirit instead of form, and invokes unity as freedom from duality, freedom from life centered in the lower three worlds of physical incarnation.

This Principle of Freedom is an essential attribute of Deity. It is the law of which the three cosmic laws of evolution ~ the Laws of Synthesis, of Attraction and of Economy ~ are only aspects. And this law is, to that unknown "sphere of functioning and intelligent activity," what the Law of Economy is to our planet ~ the lowest of the laws controlling existence in planetary form.

This unique and mysterious influence governs the Life and the Lives on Sirius. The Principle of Freedom's leavening energy can permeate substance in a unique way. This divine principle represents an aspect of the influence exerted by Sirius on our solar system, and particularly on our planet.

The great Law or Principle of Freedom includes many lesser or subsidiary laws. For according to Alice Bailey, the Principle of Freedom is actually not its true name ... until more divine attributes are realized as existing and recognized as aspects, it is not possible for the name of the law which embodies the Law of Freedom to be given, for there is no word in our language adequately available. In the last analysis, freedom and liberation are effects of its activity.

The Cosmic Principle of Freedom is related to certain large evolutionary developments that enable the life or spirit aspect to free itself from the impact, the contact, and the influence of substance.

Key Thoughts on the Principle of Liberation

It could be said that this Principle of Liberation rules, influences, and permeates the Path of Discipleship, also known as the Path of Liberation.

It is interesting then to note that the process we identify as death itself is governed by the Principle of Liberation. So death is frequently misunderstood by human beings, the "most glamoured and deluded of all incarnated lives." (*)

In understanding more about the Principle of Liberation, we see that death is based on the tendency of matter-spirit to isolate itself while in manifestation, so from the standpoint of consciousness death is simply deterioration in time and space.

When the consciousness is focussed in form and identified entirely with the principle of limitation, it regards freedom from form life as death. Though as evolution proceeds, the consciousness shifts increasingly into awareness of that which is not form, and into the realm of that which is transcendent or into the world of the abstract, into that which is abstracted from form and focussed in itself.

This, by the way, is a definition of meditation ~ from the angle of goal and achievement. A person can truly meditate when they begin to use the mind, the reflection of the will aspect, and employ its three aspects: as initiating their entrance into the world of souls, as conditioning their personality life, and as enforcing and eventually bringing about a full expression of soul purpose. This results in the complete overcoming of death.

Realize, to the soul, that which we call death is birth. And to the soul, what we call birth, is death.

The problem of limitation, as it relates to physical plane incarnation, is correlated to the challenge of liberation ~ "as above, so below." From the perspective of spirit, all that live enter into the prison house of form; some enter consciously and some unconsciously, and this we call birth, appearance, incarnation, manifestation. Immediately there sweeps into activity another law or the working out of an active principle ~ the Law of Cycles.

This is the principle of periodic appearance ~ a beneficent operation of the lower wisdom of innate divinity, for it produces that sequence of the states of consciousness which we call Time. This produces, in the world field of awareness, a gradual and slow growth towards self-expression, self-appreciation, and self-realisation. To these principles of Limitation and of Cycles is added another principle, that of Expansion. This brings about the development of consciousness so that the latent germ of sentiency or of sensitive response to environment may be fostered in the living unit of consciousness.

These three principles are preparatory to the Principle of Liberation:

1. The Principle of Limitation.
2. The Principle of Periodic Manifestation.
3. The Principle of Expansion.

Recognize, these three Principles combined constitute those factors underlying the Law of Evolution. And as this Law of Evolution, in its varied expression, brings about the imprisonment of the Life. These underlying principles in their manifestation produce the forms, and they lead the imprisoned lives on into ever more educational prison houses. The form is then made conscious, and no longer needs to be a form to maintain this consciousness ~ it is "informed."

And then, finally the time arrives when the Principle of Liberation becomes active and a transition is made out of a prison house which cramps and distorts, into one that provides adequate conditions for the next development of consciousness.

*A Treatise on White Magic, p. 534
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