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Knowing the power of group meditation, we chose three principles Alice Bailey has given to be our theme for meditation during the spiritual festival cycle of 2002. We are calling this teaching the Path to Peace. Our impressions are shared here, and we welcome new additions ... please feel free to share your impressons as you are inspired on WeCycleWisdom,'s Living Wise Blog.


Peace begins inside, from this truth we cannot hide!


Principle of Sharing

Principle of Responsibility

Principle of Cooperation


A message to be taught prior to any future peace
consists of the following three clear and practical truths.
- Alice A. Bailey (1)


#1 The Principle of Sharing

The errors and mistakes of past centuries are the joint errors and mistakes of humanity as a whole. This recognition will lead to the establishing of the principle of sharing, so needed in the world today.


The Ancient Law of Evil Sharing is being replaced by
The New Law of Ancient Dominating Good!
It is our spiritual inheritance to invoke this New Law!!!


Meditative impressions received and offered
during this festival in regard to the Principle of Sharing...


By sharing we build the Light of God on Earth.


In the act of sharing we not only show our open heart, but also the true belief that God will fill us up again. Faith. And in that faith ... detachment.


Compassion ... acceptance and understanding of our common plight in embodiment ... the root of sharing.


From The Heart

Wise Love


Each of us embodies the Divine because it is the source of our Life. As we call upon this source with our free will and cooperate with it in our everyday activities, we make this Divine Presence known in our world. This is true sharing. This is Holy Communion ... the sharing of our One Divine Mystical Body!


Expansiveness ... The ripple effect of a pebble dropped in a still pool of water.


The Ancient Law of Evil Sharing is prominent among carbon centered beings ... those who are bound to and limited by the Earth. The New Law of Ancient Dominating Good is prominent among silica centered beings ... the crystal beings of rainbow light ... the Christos ... the Christed Ones who can create Heaven on Earth.


In our work, in our play
May we live the radiant way


Simplicity combined with understanding and love.


Knowing the villainy of each, we continue to walk side by side ...
Knowing the Divinity of each, we continue to rise side by side ...
to our original state ... Life More Abundant


Abundance is what happens in the heart of Love.


Consider the sun: It shines on all, good or bad, rich or poor. It holds us to itself and provides a place for us to be. It is the foundation of all life on earth. It does this by sharing, yet it is only being itself.


Engage Humanity


We need to share!


The following was received in a correspondence from CoreLight:

"Giving is not a virtue imposed by society. It is an experiential quality of heart 'inherent in the functioning of the cosmos'. It serves as a basis and preparation in the endeavor to free the mind from the selfishness and attachments that obstruct compassionate concern for others, our environment and ourselves. It is therefore of value to cultivate intimacy with the personal experience of giving."
                                                                           - Heartland Sanga service


#2 The Principle of Responsibility

There is a blood relationship between all men and women which, when recognised, dissolves all barriers and ends the spirit of separativeness and hate. The peace and happiness of each is the concern of all. This develops the principle of responsibility and lays the foundation of right united group action.


Meditative impressions received and offered
during this festival in regard to the Principle of Responsibility...


Principle of Responsibility ... right united group action in response to Divine purpose.


Responsibility is commitment.


We are all responsible to demonstrate, to become the revelations we are responsive to. We are all One!


Just be!


Responsibility ... cultivating the ability to respond from the place of love and truth within ... calling the Divine Presence into manifestation. Sounding one's unique Divine note.


The will working through compassion ... responsibility.


I am you and you are me and we are all together.


To be responsible is to be responsive—
responsible and responsive to present time.


Cherish Essence
Love ripples
All we are is
is ALL
we are
Love Ripples ...
All of us loving, loving all of us!


Co-operation, love, and working for the good of humanity.


Responsibility ~ for self via others. We take care of others to care for all, including ourselves.


Power of choice
Responsible love


To end separativeness and hatred, practice brotherly and sisterly love.


Ha - "breathe"
Wai - "water"
Hawaii - infusing the Wesak Water -
Drink deeply
Live and Love and Learn


Harm None


Goodwill: In all that I am
In all that I do
Let it be to help and to heal ...
Not my will but Thy Will be done.


#3 The Principle of Cooperation

There are no problems or conditions which cannot be solved by the will-to-good. Goodwill nourishes the spirit of understanding and fosters the manifestation of the principle of cooperation. This cooperative spirit is the secret of all right human relations and the enemy of competition.


Meditative impressions received and offered
during this festival in regard to the Principle of Cooperation ...


Cooperation is the key to expressed goodwill and works through a unity of living understanding and mutually shared responsibility.


The path of service and cooperation with the Divine will become the Purpose of life.


International cooperation is love on a world scale.


Happiness and Peace for all.


Cooperation and the will-to-good
lead one down the path of holy communion ...
intuition ...
and life creative.


Real cooperation is to give with joy! :-)


We cooperate with present time to create the future.


The concept of violence is out of date.
The destruction of your neighbor is actually the destruction of yourself.


Peace begins inside, from this truth we cannot hide!


Embody goodwill.
Demonstrate right human relations.
We All Are One!


Cooperation for the Good of All!


Prepare for Peace!


Cooperation is a Rainbow Bridge to Peace.




Cooperation can be realized by fostering the spirit of compromise.


Hands touching hands!


Something Wonderful is about to happen!


Cooperation with the Plan and Purpose


May all souls that are open have clear vision for their future role in the enlightened society.


Since our basic nature is steeped in compassion and affection, in the stillness of the primary Buddha Mind, the Will-to-Good is a natural maturity of this state into the sphere of social relations.

It is immanent in our being to share Good Will and Understanding with all others.

We grow up from our place on Planet Earth and become distinct and spatially separate, but we share the same light and are connected on higher dimensions.

It is necessary to our survival to participate in Good Will relations with other people and other nations. Only when we establish this good will to all other humans and all other beings will we live in harmony and sustainablility on this planet. It is our birthright.


We are All One …
exercise your corporate power …
up the wattage …
WE become a Radiant Force in the Universe.


The Sleeper Has Awakened!

From time to time since the beginning of consciousness, certain universal Principles and Laws have been given to humanity. These Principles and Laws embody the formulated Purpose and organized Will of that unfolding Life in which humanity lives and moves and has its being.

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May Peace Prevail on Earth - Yishre Shalom Al Ha'adama -
Al Salam Lil'Alam Ajma - Sekai Jinruiga Heiwade Arimasuyouni

I write this message from Israel. Over 6 years ago I received the following image, they told me it is the symbol of the new world religion. Each of the faiths do believe in all that you said, and they may continue serve each - in his own way but, and it is big BUT - respect the other, remember that we are all one, there is ONE GOD, and one only.

As you may notice the Cross, Crescent and Star of David all together and in the center is a pure heart with the sound of the creation OM!

My understanding is also that the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi* says it all.


*for audio rendition of the St. Francis Prayer, click here



Be the Path to Peace!


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(1) Path to Peace principles quoted from The Externalisation of the Hierarchy,
Alice A. Bailey, p. 206–207.
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