Linkups to Websites in Support of Peace


Call for Peace every August 5–6
Universal Peace Day

Global Peace Index
Vision of Humanity

For a Better Tomorrow
Peace Options

Join the Culture of Peace
Culture of Peace

Empowering civic engagement toward a culture of peace
The Peace Alliance

21st September ~ Peace Day
Peace One Day

Peace Day global broadcast

Peace Alliance's Social Networking Site

Promoting nonviolent conflict and peacebuilding
Global Alliance for Ministries & Departments of Peace

Meditative Flash video presentation
Pathways to Peace

Unification in a Globalising World
Lightworkers on the Path

Become a critical mass of peace consciousness in the world
Peace Is the Way Global Community

Call world leaders to disarm at the UN General Assembly
Global Disarm Call

World experiment to create a peaceful planet
Join at Open Heart
Only Love Prevails

May Peace Prevail on Earth
World Peace Prayer Society

World Peace Prayer Ceremony ~ Hiroshima

Transforming Conflict in the World
Summer of Peace

Meditate daily to create peace by being peace
Peace Every Day Initiative

Participate in a wave of prayer for the Mideast
The Mideast Peace Prayer Foundation

Join this effort to shift global consciousness
Create Global Peace

Women embodying peace, inspired by the Sacred Feminine
Vessels of Peace

Prayers for the Nations's Shared Intentions (PDF)

Declaration for All Life on Earth + Promoting Peace
Goi Peace Foundation

Support this effort to found a U.S.
National Peace Academy

Encircle the World with Loving-Kindness
Maitreya Peace Meditation

Dialogue circles to resolve conflicts
Just Peace Circles

On behalf of peace & human rights
Friends of the United Nations

Global exchange to create grid points of Peace
Peace by Piece

Wave of Peace
Because of the Children

Over 5000 member cities in over 150 countries
Mayors for Peace

A vision for global community
International Cities of Peace

Building global collaboration for a livable future
We the World

Co-creative project to unite humanity
Global Coherence Initiative

Inspiring World Peace through benevolent technology
World Peace Through Technology

Read the Dalai Lama's
Message on the 50th Anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration

Essay by Walter Cronkite
A Department of Peace?

World Religion Prayers for Peace
Peace Seeds


Be "the Path to Peace"!


World Prayers
Prayer archive

All We Are Saying
Photo Essay and Peace Quotes


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