heaven is no more than a know, this aint worth getting hot under the collar about

confusion is the mind's rearranging its priorities

depressions leaves us live in know, life wishes have us cocoon in silence and let the tears flow for washing the soul and watering our dreams, to where our earliest of memoryes have our passion spring back to mind, What soon becomesh the biggest show of nature's timing this grand shake down of trouble on earth, just a melt way at the good times we are having building labyrinths of wobbly rocks and planting blooming labyrinths to counter every ill imaginable and earth becomesh this amazing tapestry of cultures and customs, a Celebration of traditions and innovations, each unique in personality plus, character and generousity of spirit, to where we would not think to charge any one for doing anything for in heaven, life is simply a pass it on, share the wealth. Yes, it may well be a long way off while on the other hand, like a snowball setting off an avalanche, a straw breaking a camel's back, There will come a point, we'll never mind any which would come trouble us if we gave mind to it.

when they speak of a no cash society, and they say, yes, lets go back to bartering. I simply state, life does not barter, it is simply a give, who then, are we to charge. any one for anything or with anything, which basically speaks, of our yet having to treat them to a healing from the hurting which had them lash out instead of stop to ask, what possessed them and lets us both step out of our own private hells let breathe a sigh of relief

running on instinct and intuition, takes the work out of living.

- Stretch N B Well


All I know, is Peace cannot be fought for, it is the gift, of simply
being what we are for, on removing ourselves from fields of conflict
to from the outside in, shower them with the blessings it takes for
their seeing the light as we have
The shift, from working for a living to having life come work for us.
It is our learning listen to our spirit speak, the voice of insight.
give intuition is an inner reflex of instant and absolute knowing,
much as each and every mum soon learns on having her baby.
It is the shift from fighting for and gainst to making music where
ever so much as a hint of trouble brews, until our vibes are let
Project Peace, Smile

- Stretch N B Well


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