Every Day Is Earth Day


I Stand

I stand in a Sacred Circle
with all the grandfathers and grandmothers
which have come before me,
as they stand in a Sacred Circle
with the creators of the creators
which have come before them.
Standing in that Sacred Circle
with all my brothers and sisters,
the plants, the animals of land, of sea, of sky,
I am protected and I protect.
In that Sacred Circle with the Guardians
of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit
I am guarded and guided.
In the newness of silence I am a heartbeat
within the dance of the Universal.
With my brothers and sisters of the Earth,
united in strength, hope and fearlessness
I speak, I learn, I walk, I trust. I am a warrior.
I am at one with The All that there is.

Ya-tah yey (walk in Peace)
Michael Ravenspirit

Art: Ancestor of the North
Oil, pastel, ink and pencil
©1987,  Susan Seddon Boulet

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The land speaks to us.

Joyous peace shall reign.

Walk in Balance
The Earth is sacred.


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