Delphinus, the Dolphin
8–19 degrees Aquarius

North of the Capricorn-Aquarius overlap lies Delphinus, the Dolphin star system. Delphinus offers guidance for those willing to trust in greater forces than their personal efforts generate alone. The Dolphins, an expression of the angelic dominion, are guides for the wayward, as old salts know. They reveal the way to make safe passage to our destination provided we listen to and follow the serendipity of life.

To trust in the serendipity of life is merely to surrender our personal righteous reasoning mind that needs to define and control and to allow our selves to move with the Divine Intelligence that permeates and fluidly guides our lives. Here is the art of getting out of our own way to allow a creative solution that leads us from the conforming bounds of limited mind.

The oracular angelic guides of Delphi merge and meander with the future-oriented visionary Aquarian influence through the rock-hard stoic past of Capricorn and spring from the ground as prophetic life carrying waters ~ a flow of guiding wisdom not otherwise available by mortal efforts alone, a flow that leads us from the crystallized past into the unbounded future to become.
                                 - Nick Anthony Fiorenza, The Lunar Planner


Dolphins were a familiar sight to Greek sailors, so it is not surprising to find one of these friendly and intelligent creatures depicted in the night sky.

Three stories account for the presence of the celestial Dolphin. According to Eratosthenes, this dolphin represents the messenger of the sea god, Poseidon. In his depipction, once Zeus, Poseidon and Hades had overthrown their father Cronus, they divided up the sky, sea and underworld between them, with Poseidon inheriting the sea. He built himself a magnificent underwater palace, off the island of Euboea.

For all its opulence the palace felt empty without a wife, so Poseidon set out in search of one. He courted Amphitrite, one of the group of sea nymphs called Nereids, but she fled from his rough advances and took refuge among the other Nereids. Poseidon sent messengers after her, including a dolphin, who found her and with soothing gestures brought her back to the sea god, whom she subsequently married. In gratitude, Poseidon placed the image of the dolphin among the stars.

Another story, given by Hyginus and Ovid, says that this is the dolphin that saved the life of Arion, a real-life poet and musician of the 7th century B.C. Arion was born on the island of Lesbos, and his reputation spread throughout Greece for he was said to be unequaled in his skill with the lyre. While Arion was returning to Greece by ship from a concert tour of Sicily, the sailors plotted to kill him and steal the small fortune he had earned.

When the sailors surrounded him with swords drawn, Arion asked to be allowed to sing one last song. His music attracted a school of dolphins who swam alongside the ship, leaping playfully. Placing his faith in the gods, Arion leaped overboard ~ and one of the dolphins carried him on its back to Greece, where Arion later confronted his attackers and had them sentenced to death.

So Apollo, god of music and poetry, placed the dolphin among the constellations, along with the lyre of Arion which is represented by the constellation Lyra.

And according to yet other accounts, the Dolphin is one of the pirates who was changed into a dolphin by Bacchus, on his voyage to Ariadine.

According to Ptolemy the constellation's bright stars are like Saturn and Mars. Delphinus is said to indicate a simple appearance, cheerfulness, needing to interact, love of hunting and sport in general, yet little happiness. This constellation confers fondness for pleasure, spiritual matters, and travel; however there is potential for suffering due to ingratitude.

Two stars in Delphinus bear the peculiar names of Sualocin and Rotanev, so called by Italian astronomer Niccolo Cacciatore. Read backwards, the names spell out Nicolaus Venator, the Latin form of his name. He is the only person to have named a star after himself and gotten away with it.

May the blessing of the Dolphin’s bright heavenly light guide the endeavors of your life!


The following Global Peace meditation was sent to by Kathy “Kap” Parra. You may wish to connect with the dolphins and participate ...


Call of the Dolphins for Peace on Earth

Begin by taking three breaths, breathing in through your nose and exhaling through the mouth (like dolphins do through their blowholes), with each breath you see yourself bathed with rainbow light.

Now imagine a stairway in which you wind down, you very gently step down each step one by one and with each step you feel a warm, fresh ocean breeze.

The staircase leads you to the oceans sand; when you step onto the sand, it feels warm, soft and clean.

You look out into the distance where you see bright purple amethyst crystals coming up out of the water and dolphins swimming around them.

The dolphins begin swimming in closer to you; they invite you to come out into the ocean with them. You gently put your feet into the water, you are not afraid, as the dolphins carry you to the shallow waters to where the amethyst crystals are.

They set you on one of the crystals and beautiful purple light showers you, healing any fears, stress or worries you have, again you feel safe knowing the dolphins are Master healers and will always take care of you.

The dolphins ask you to hold out your hands, in it they place the Earth. It is not heavy, but light and buoyant like a beach ball.

You cradle it with your loving arms, like a newborn child. They with you begin to chant the words,

Heal Mother Earth ~ So it is, so it shall be
Heal Mother Earth ~ So it is, so it shall be
Heal Mother Earth ~ So it is, so it shall be

White and purple light illuminate the Earth. You feel the healing instantly. Staying with this for a few minutes, you then return the Earth to the Dolphins; they gently place the Earth on the amethyst crystals, where it will embrace the light and love in which you nurtured and nourished it with.

The dolphins take you back to the sandy shores where you feel refreshed, reenergized and your hands illuminate rainbow light from them, they ask you to carry this light to all you encounter with the message ...

We are One
We are One
We are One

You thank the dolphins, and they thank you for your healing energy, YOU are a Master healer and Creator is your source.

You begin walking back up the stairway with a calmness and peace knowing that Mother Earth is happy, healthy, healed and full of radiant light, love and joyful abundance, resonating

Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth

And may peace be with you ...


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