Sea of Fire
Audio Meditation

Once you have composed yourself for meditation,
clicking on "Play" (the triangle, just under this image) will begin
a spoken version of the meditation below. Total guided meditation
time is 4:16, followed by Tibetan Bells audio alone, ending time is 8:46.

Guided Meditation total time 4:16 ~ Total running time 8:46
Download Sea of Fire Meditation (mp3 for podcast / archive) ~ Music


To achieve a Heart filled with Love and Compassion,
Igniting the Creative Spark of our Divine Essence ~


Great Path of the Clear Plane


Align Top of the Head, Sea of Fire,
Supreme Bliss, Nirvana
Breathe in

Lungs Fill with the Breath of Life Itself,
Heart Expands
Embodying Joy

Outbreath ... Embrace Happiness
Expressing All!
Just Be It!

Happy Buddha!
Maitreya Buddha ... The Coming One Is Here!

Tag, you're It!



Great Path of the Clear Plane

Sea of Fire


Just Be!



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