Eve, Isis & Mary, Revealed

Eve symbolizes the mental nature, the mind of humanity attracted by the lure of knowledge gained through the experience of incarnation. Eve took the apple of knowledge from the serpent of matter, starting the long human undertaking of experiment, experience and expression initiated — from the mental angle — in our Aryan times.

Isis stands for this same expression down onto the emotional or astral plane. Eve has no child in her arms; the germ of the Christ life is too small to make its presence felt; the involutionary process too close. In Isis the midway point is reached; the quickening of that which is desired (the desire of all nations, as it is called in the Bible) has taken place. Isis consequently stands in the ancient zodiacs for fertility, for motherhood, and as guardian of the child.

Mary carries the process down to the plane or place of incarnation, the physical plane, and there gives birth to the Christ child. In these three Virgins and these three Mothers of the Christ, you have the history of the formation and function of the three aspects of the personality through which the Christ must find expression. The sign of Virgo itself stands for a synthesis of these three feminine aspects — Eve, Isis and Mary. She is the Virgin Mother, providing for the mental, emotional, and physical expression of the hidden but ever present divinity.

These three expressions are brought to the needed perfection in Leo, the individual, having developed self-consciousness and personality unfoldment.

Virgo is the opposite pole of spirit and stands for the relation of these two polarities, after they have been brought together originally in Aries and then produced a recognized duality in Gemini.

Referring to our human evolution, there are two ways of proceeding around the Zodiac: the ordinary way from Aries to Taurus, via Pisces, and the esoteric way from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. During the major involutionary cycle concerning the mass movement of spirit-matter, and not the individualized progress of humanity, the movement is from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. The secret of the original sin of humanity is hidden in this truth. An incorrect orientation took place at one stage in human history and the human family went — as a whole — against the normal zodiacal current. Upon the path of discipleship "right orientation" is acheived and humanity will "reverse the wheel" toward evolutionary progress.

Excerpted from Alice A. Bailey's Esoteric Astrology, p. 253–254
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