The Great Winter Hexagon

After locating and becoming familiar with the Winter Triangle composed of Betelegeuse, Sirius and Procyon, we're now ready to discover the Great Winter Hexagon, another divine design in the winter skies.

This heavenly hexagon houses the Winter Triangle with the stars Sirius and Procyon forming points in both of these geometric wonders. The six stars of the Great Winter Hexagon are seen in the map below: Sirius, Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Pollux and Procyon.

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top-north, bottom-south, left-east, right-west

Note: All the stars of the Great Winter Hexagon and the Winter Triangle are included in the list of the 25 brightest stars.

Locating the Great Winter Hexagon
Begin your star search on a clear winter night between
8:00pm and 10:00pm, look from overhead toward the south.

Use the map above and find the hourglass shaped constellation of Orion. Follow the three evenly spaced stars of Orion's belt southeast (down and to the left) and you will find they point to the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius, the first star in our hexagon. Sirius is also one point of the Winter Triangle.

Go back to Orion's Belt, if you draw your focus out from the middle star of Orion’s Belt you will find that it points to Orion's bright red shoulder star, Betelgeuse, in one direction and to a bluish star, Rigel, in the other direction. Find the bluish star, which is the left leg of Orion and imagine a line connecting Sirius to it.

Once again follow the three stars in Orion's belt in the direction opposite of Sirius and you will find the reddish eye star of Taurus the Bull, Aldebaran. Draw a line from Rigel to Aldebaran.

Now head for the next closest brightest star Capella. It is located in the constellation Auriga directly opposite Sirius in our hexagon. As you connect Aldebaran and Capella the hexagon is now half imagined!

Just east of Sirius is the brightest star of Canis Minor, Procyon, which also forms a point of the Winter Triangle. Between Procyon and Capella is another bright star Pollux of Gemini the Twins. Connect Sirius to Procyon to Pollux to Capella and the Great Winter Hexagon is complete in your mind's eye!

Ponder on This ...

Sirius the brightest star in the heavens is known as the Christ Star or the God Star. The three belt stars of Orion representing the Three Wise Men point to it!

Rigel has been known as the mariners' star.

Aldebaran is the star of enlightenment.

Capella the brightest star seen most often has been known by some as the Charioteer's eye. Auriga the Charioteer is our celestial Santa Claus.

Pollux and his twin Castor have been immortalized for brotherly love and their help has been invoked in war and storm. It is said that Pollux represents the Soul and Castor the personality.

Procyon is the brightest of the two stars that make up Canis Minor, the little dog, which now stands on the back of the Unicorn and has been associated with the Egyptian dogheaded God, Anubis, the guide of souls.

All the bright stars of the Great Winter Hexagon stars are Navigation Stars.

This heavenly geometry is not only made up of stars that guide the way and expand the heart, but it is also located over the Milky Way sort of like a lens. Esoterically the Milky Way is where souls hold communion with the Cosmic Christ and experience true unity.

A Sacred Shape

To top it all off, the sacred shape of a hexagon connects the points of a six pointed star, the symbol of God and human united … a six pointed star is composed of an earthly triangle ascending and a heavenly triangle descending both joining in the heart center… creating a Divine manifestation. This Great Winter Hexagon is truly Divine and of Intelligent Design!

Just Imagine ...

With your inner gaze Look Up! Imagine yourself under the spell of this Great Heavenly Hexagon, with arms outstretched receiving the guidance and love that is needed to activate the six pointed star within you, your Divine manifestation. Breathe deep, relax, allow the union to take place within your heart.


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