Celestial Rabbits ...

... and Orion the Hunter, Scorpius the Scorpion and Leo the Lion tell us their stories and tune us to springtime in the heavens.

How Many Heavenly Rabbits Do You Know?
Full Moon
Easter Bunny?

Learn About 3 Rabbits in the Heavens!

1. Moon Rabbit as shown above is always seen in the Full Moon, however it's a special treat to show others the rabbit in the Moon around Easter time.

For the legend of the Easter Bunny
and the Rabbit in the Moon click here.

2. Lepus The Hare is located south of the hour glass-shaped constellation of Orion the Hunter. You'll have no trouble spotting giant bright Orion, however the dim starry body of Lepus the Hare is easier seen in a dark country sky. Use this fun star map for orientation. Here's another view. Lepus can look like a faint "H" lying on its side. Helpful Image Vary the date and time of this star map for any evening in March or April at 8:30pm. Can you find Lepus in the southwest? This heavenly rabbit just might have an Easter Egg for you!

3. Find footprints in the sky that belong to a magical bunny, kind of like the Easter Bunny. This magical forest rabbit likes to play among the stars and has a special friendship with Scorpius the cosmic Scorpion! Track Bunny's Footprints in the Scorpion's constellation throughout the year.

Scorpius the Rival of Orion
Scorpius Rises in the East as Orion Sets in the West

Hmmm ... Scorpius promised never to sting his friend, the magical forest bunny who likes to play among the stars, however Scorpius did sting a boastful hunter for the gods!

The Myth ~ Scorpius the Rival of Orion

Scorpius is the legendary killer of Orion. Orion was a great hunter who bragged about his skills until the gods grew tired of his boasting. The scorpion was sent to punish Orion, who never thought of such a small creature as a threat. Once he was stung, it was too late. Both were placed in the sky although Orion's last wish was that he never be in the sky as the same time as the scorpion. Thus, Scorpius rules the northern hemisphere's summer while Orion rules the winter skies. StarrySkies.com

Orion and His Rival
A Fun Cartoon comparing the HUGE red star
in Orion with the HUGE red star in Scorpius. Enjoy!

To see Scorpius February-March look southeast just before sunrise, April-May look southeast around midnight and south just before sunrise.

Review Bunny's Footprints to learn more about the constellation of Scorpius.


Who rules Spring?
Leo the Lion!


During Aries, March 20-April 20, winter's constellation, Orion the Hunter, sets in the west around 9:00pm and Leo the Lion, as if chasing winter Orion out of the sky, lies overhead as the master of spring. This cosmic Lion rules spring.

Regulus and Leo the Lion Spring Up!

Reminder: Well after winter's Orion the Hunter has been chased out of the spring sky by Leo the Lion, Orion's rival Scorpius can be seen in the east rising around midnight. These rivals are not seen together in the same sky. By summer Scorpius is out all night long ruling the Northern Hemisphere's evening sky and Orion is out of sight.

San Francisco Whole Sky Chart

Whole Sky Chart for Your Area


A Tale of the Immortal Night
This lengthy myth is best read when time is on your side.
It's a tale of Orion, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Lepus and Scorpio.


Look Up! Three celestial rabbits, Orion the Hunter, Scorpius the Scorpion, and Leo the Lion tell us their heavenly stories and tune us to springtime in the heavens.


May Spring's Emerging Opportunities Bless you!


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