Hunter's Moon? ~ Pumpkin Moon?

Full Moon Exact: Sundayday, October 13, 2019
2:08pm PDT (21:08 UT )

A Random Act of Kindness Lifts Our Spirit
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In the Northern Hemisphere traditionally the Full Moon following the Harvest Moon is called the Hunter’s Full Moon. The origin of the name actually relates to the harvest.

... 1 month after the harvest hunters used to ride out under the light of this full moon to hunt the small animals that came out to forage what was left of the harvest. Star Gazer

Since I’m not a hunter and love animals and pumpkins, I prefer calling this Moon the Pumpkin Moon. Hmmm ... Let's break an old tradition with a random act of kindness. Let's make this a "no hunting" Full Moon and surprise our animal friends by doing something nice for them. Our kindness is bound to lift our spirit and the spirit of the animal kingdom!

The Moon rises in the east as the sky darkens, is high overhead around midnight and sets in the west around sunrise. Catching a moonrise or moonset means you are more likely to see a colorful Moon. The closer the Moon is to the horizon, the more its light is tinted by our atmosphere and our pollution. Maybe you'll get lucky and actually see a pumpkin colored Moon! Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

... the moon's tilt at this time of the year makes the "man in the moon" particularly visible. Some astronomers believe jack-o-lantern carving was inspired by the rising, orange October moon ..." USA Today 2001 Oct. 31

'Tis the season for a heavenly jack-o’-lantern to be smiling down upon you in the Northern Hemisphere!

Begin looking for the Moon a few days before October 13. How many nights will it look Full to you? Is it rising north or south on the eastern horizon?

At mid-northern and far-northern latitudes the September Harvest Full Moon and the October Hunter's Full Moon, rise 25-30 minutes later instead of the average 50 minutes later. Less time between sundown and moonrise, means more moonlit nights in a row, in the season of waning daylight. This "grand procession of moonlit nights" is the gift of the Full Harvest Moon and the Full Hunter's Moon. Full Hunter’s Moon from dusk till dawn

BTW: It's autumn in the Northern Hemisphere during the October 13 Full Moon and spring in the Southern Hermisphere.

2019 Libra Full Moon Global Meditation
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Note: Halloween is usually depicted with a witch riding a broom in front of a Full Moon. Many people, as a result mistakenly believe there is a Full Moon every year on Halloween. In fact, there was a Halloween Full Moon in 1955 followed by one in 2001 - 46 years later. We'll have to wait until 2020 for the next Halloween Full Moon! In 2019 we have a waxing Crescent Moon.

A Witch by Starlight ~ Happy Halloween!

Reach for Heaven's Light,
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