Malachite is one of the beautiful ores of copper.
This photograph illustrates its nubbly surface and the concentric arrangement of its structure.

A secondary copper ore, this green gem is still in the process of altering and growing toward its unmanifested zenith of development. Its softness and botyrodial qualities will transmute into crystalline translucence and, while still retaining interesting patterning, will become on a par with what the Emerald is today.

This will perform feats of alignment to the crown center, the pineal and pituitary bodies. It will serve the physical as well as the inner eyes of humanity, becoming a divine balancer on the chromatic scale of color and be well known for its value to those in emotional imbalance.

At present Malachite has a basic affinity with the water and earth elements.


from Healing Stoned by Julia Lorusson & Joel Glick
Brotherhood Of Life, Albuquerque, NM © 1976, 1981
Malachite photo: Hamlyn Group Library


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