THE WIND … came calling last night and as it knocked at my door,
I remembered the Raven and his quote "Nevermore".

But Raven was sleeping, his wings held at rest, his head held close to his sooty, dark, breast
So I savored the windstorm and knew it would stay, for only a small time,
then be off on its way

The rain that soon followed the path of the wind brought a deep seated message
from some outer plane.
The fresh blowing breeze cut through to my soul,
To release the old images no longer to hold the deep, murky shadows from long, long ago.

A light cleansing healing occurred in my heart and the sweet love that followed came
through with a start of bright sweeping clouds that followed the rain, completing
the cycle from a far distant plane.

Within the reflection of this tiny mind-expanding awareness to waken the blind of magical
vision to free flowing streams of bright new intelligence and the warm wafting wings
of wakening Raven, now rested from sleep, his sharp eyes beaconing out to reach
cross the deep human sufferings from war’s ugly scars, reminding us the mind’s
vastness can reach clear to Mars.

Now, join in this circle and let us hold sway of the glorious promise of each dawning day.
We’ll travel together far out into space and bring back the knowledge to heal human’s race
of trying to better the state of the soul.

Remembering that peace starts with healing this lovely planet — a gift from the stars — that
twinkle so brightly as man lies in sleep dreaming of respite from this garbage heap.

We’ve spawned from our weakness and failure to grow or acknowledge we don’t always
know the right way to travel and spare where we go from more of our damage to
our Earth Mother who nurtures us all.

Now listen to Raven — his teachings and lore, and dump all those weapons — they’re needed
no more.
For peace on this planet comes from the hearts of all men when their awareness is healed
from within.
For then will our leaders, unmindful 'til now, lay down the sharp weapons
and pick up the plow.


Old Turtle
Lunar Eclipse 2/9/1990


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