9 - 11 - 01
Phoenix Rising

The fire came
With the planes
Sweeping through the night
Darkening the day
Causing the flight
Of pets and people
Looking for safe havens
Away from the flames
Of terrible destruction
Of towers and frames
Of former existence
The winds of Fate
Keep blowing
Taking all in their path
Never knowing
The dreams destroyed
The fire trucks deployed
To stop the Inferno
Seem hopelessly out numbered
Still they persist
Against terrible odds
The hazards exist

And heroes are born
On this quiet autumn morn
The sirens keep screaming
Through the blackened clouds
Those never dreaming
That Fate's fickle finger
Pointed their way
Would change lives forever
On that sunny day
It's the beginning of Autumn
The leaves have started to fall
Then great trees and towers
Collapse in the pall of smoke
And grey ashes cover us all
Now lost forever
Loved toys
And bright treasures
Look back in anguish
And grieve
Through your pain
But always remember
You can rebuild again, and
Rise like the Phoenix

Life is ever more precious
If you are here on this day
Start building new memories
Determine to survive
The world is still lovely
If you are alive
Learn from these harsh lessons
Rebuild wisely and well
Determine to recover
From this recent hell
For HOPE springs eternal
From each human heart
And learn what's important
In your special part
Of the Universal Plan
Go on with your life
Just do what you can
Time helps with the healing
And strength builds from strife

This poem, originally written to honor the victims of the 1991 Oakland Firestorm, has been adapted to honor all those who have suffered losses in the 9-11-01 Firestorm. This poem honors the fire fighters, police and the quiet heroes who stood in the face of terrorism. Prayers go out to all the families who have suffered losses. May peace be with them. Remember, it's firestorm season again. Let's be careful out there.


Old Turtle
10/27/91 … 7/11/02


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