Healing Lost Love ... Broken Dreams


All of the flowers are wilted

All of the dreams are dead

All of tomorrow’s promises keep racing through my head

All the dreams have turned to sorrows

As the old wounds start to bleed

I find I have no new bandages to meet my daily needs

And I reap a bitter harvest

For all the careless seeds I’ve sown

Have turned to weeds and grown

So, when the sun comes up tomorrow and I struggle to meet the day

The soft winds seem to take me and in my heart I start to pray

Then hope and strength come shining

The rose has started to bloom

And Love comes back slowly, slowly

Here in this silent room

I’ll sweep with a new broom of hope

For now, I know I can cope

And, whatever fate brings me

I’ll deal with day by day

For, somehow, I know I can win this

As long as I remember to pray


Old Turtle


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"Michele's Rose"
Adapted from painting by Olivia Bennett