Dreams ...

Like Dragonflies

Soaring in their flights
Bringing whispery memories

Pausing for brief moments
Then drifting through
The night's slumbering rest
Dragonfly drifting thought forms
Revealing deep insights with
Iridescent themes
Touching the subconscious
Awakening magical schemes
Of long hidden memories
Past lives and present times
Blessings and sorrows
Old talents and new skills
Deep valleys, steep hills
Now imagination fly free
Gently touching you and me
Brushing tree tops and clouds
Over cities and crowds
Drifting above the seas
Keeping company with birds
Knowing their messages
Return now to the earth body
Waken to the Sun
Reminding one
of the nights journey
Keep the bright presence of dragonfly
And fly (soar) through the day.


Old Turtle
Summer Solstice 2002


Red Dragonfly is called Toper [a heavy drinker]
because he drinks water all the time.
Green Dragonfly and Blue Dragonfly are iridescent and quite lovely.
Darner Dragonfly looks like a darning needle!


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