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  1. Oglala Sioux Prayer
  2. The Drum
  3. Sacred Herbs
  4. The Story of White Buffalo Calf Woman

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1. Oglala Sioux Prayer (1:43)

When we pray, we raise our hands to the heavens,
And afterwards we touch the Earth.
For is not our Spirit from Wakan Tanka and are not our bodies from the Earth?
We are related to all things, the Earth and the stars, everything ...
And ... with all these together, we raise our hands to Wakan Tanka and pray to him alone.

He yay, ha eee ... he yay, ha eee ... he yay, ha eee ... he yay, ha eee

Grandfather, Wakan Tanka, you are first and always have been.
Everything belongs to you.
It is you who have created all things.
You are one and alone, and to you we are sending a voice.

From The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux
Recorded and edited by Joseph Epes Brown, ©1989 Audio Literature, Inc.
Book ©1953 University of Oklahoma Press

Link ~ Lakota Sioux Tribute
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2. The Drum (0:57)

We're familiar with the sound of the Native American drum, but why is it so important?

Since the drum is often the only instrument used in our sacred rites, I should perhaps tell you here, why it is especially sacred and important to us. It is because the round form of the drum represents the whole universe, and its steady strong beat is the pulse, the heart, throbbing at the center of the universe. It is as the voice of Wakan Tanka, and this sound stirs us and helps us to understand the mystery and power of all things.

From The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux
Recorded and edited by Joseph Epes Brown, ©1989 Audio Literature, Inc.
Book ©1953 University of Oklahoma Pres

Link ~ Living in and with the Natural World
Four Native Visions of the Natural World
Hint: When visiting this site, click on the historical images.



3. Sacred Herbs (0:49)

The Indian people learned a long time ago that nature had its own language. They listened, and this is what they heard about five herbs that Mother Earth has blessed us with.

Sister Sage or Broadleaf Sage is used in the cleansing and purification of your immediate space or aura.

Sister Sweetgrass, the nest maker ... she makes for a good home, a safe space for you and spirit to reside.

Grandmother Cedar, for a deep spiritual cleansing of the soul. This old wise woman can also be used to banish negative energies.

Grandmother Sage or Sagebrush ... she is known as the Spirit Caller and she empowers spirit, both your own and those you invite to council.

And finally Grandfather Tobacco ... he carries your prayers to the hand of God.

So the next time you light up, holy smoke!

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4. The Story of White Buffalo Calf Woman (text only)

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