The Galactic Planes
Annual Cycle of Invocation and Evocation

The following zodiacal references are to the signs, not the constellations, unless stated so.
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Ponder and hold this thought for it relates to the yearly spiritual cycle:

Our Milky Way Galaxy is one of many tens of thousands of galaxies that cluster together to form a large metagalaxy or super galaxy. All these galaxies rotate around a center called the super galactic center (SGC).

Location of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

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Our Milky Way’s galactic center (GC) is at a right angle to the super galactic center (SGC), because of this the GC and the SGC are closely related to the Earth's equinoxes and solstices and therefore the Cardinal Cross.

These superstructures [SGC and GC] are literally perpendicular to each other with their centers at the zero points of the Cardinal signs. [GC/Capricorn/December solstice – SGC/Libra/September equinox] Here is great food for thought in understanding the traditional meaning of the zodiac. Each year the Earth passes through the plane of the Super Galaxy at the Equinoxes and the plane of our Galaxy around the Solstices. The midpoint between these two great planes and centers occurs in Scorpio/Taurus, and it is in these signs that the earth/sun axis moves out-of-line with one great center and begins to form an alignment with the other.
- Michael Erlewine from "The Galactic Nucleus"

Note: The earth/sun axis ... the earth is opposite the sun on the zodiacal map.

Location of the Super Galactic Center (SGC) in the constellation Virgo

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With the March equinox, the sun enters the sign Aries (time of the Easter Festival) and it also enters the super galactic plane opposite the SGC, away from the inner hub at the outer rim of this super galaxy. At the same time, the earth (opposite the sun) enters the sign Libra and the super galactic plane at the SGC, the hub of this super galaxy. Both move into this expansive plane until each reaches a climactic midpoint, the sun in the sign Taurus (Wesak Festival) and the earth in Scorpio. Afterwards each begins to move out of the super galactic plane, toward the galactic plane. (Each later enters the galactic plane at the June solstice.)

Note: Easter's Full Moon occurs in the Holy Grail, the constellation Virgo, the Virgin. The Wesak Full Moon occurs in the constellation Libra, the Balance.

While the earth and sun are still transiting the super galactic plane, the Goodwill Festival’s Full or nearly Full Moon is positioned near the Heart of our Galaxy (GC).

Two to three days before the June solstice, the earth conjoins the Heart of our Galaxy (GC). At the June solstice the sun enters the sign Cancer and moves into the galactic plane; the earth enters Capricorn and moves into the galactic plane.

After the close of the Three Major Spiritual Festivals, in July, the earth’s orbit places our planet the furthest it gets from our physical sun. This astronomical event, known as earth at aphelion, occurs annually around July 3–7. The physical sun, though furthest from the earth, is now closest to, in conjunction with Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, while the planetary Hierarchy is in close alignment with the earth, responding to our invocative appeal during the recent Spiritual Festivals.

At this time a powerful relationship is set up on the galactic plane between our physical sun and our Spiritual Sun and between the Hierarchy and the earth. Energies from Sirius can now flow freely through our sun, the solar system and the Hierarchy to our earth, evoking a response in humanity and stimulating evolution. The Hierarchy steps down the potent incoming energies to assist humanity in their assimilation.

The Major Festivals, occuring in the spring for the northern hemisphere and autumn for the southern hemisphere (*), prepare our vehicles to cooperate with our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, and assist humanity as a united group in becoming aware of extra-planetary energies. These Festivals are preparatory for the annual Sirius / Leo Festival, which aligns the soul-infused, focused humanity with the cosmic energies of the Sirian Hierarchy. The sun reaches the climactic midpoint of the galactic plane in the sign Leo; the earth reaches this point in Aquarius. Afterwards each begins to move out of the galactic plane toward the super galactic plane.

At the September equinox the sun moves into the sign Libra and the super galactic plane at the SGC, the hub of this super galaxy, while the earth enters Aries and moves into the super galactic plane opposite the SGC, away from the inner hub at the outer rim of this super galaxy. The sun reaches the climactic mid-point in the sign Scorpio (Halloween, Days of the Dead); the earth reaches this point in Taurus. Afterwards each begins to move out of the super galactic plane toward the galactic plane.

Two to three days before the December solstice, the sun conjoins the Heart of our Galaxy (GC). At the solstice the sun enters Capricorn and moves into the galactic plane; the earth enters Cancer and moves into the galactic plane. The planetary spiritual Hierarchy goes into meditation in preparation for the inpouring of energies at Wesak, and the Festival cycle begins anew!

The annual cycle of invocation and evocation begins with the Hierarchy’s December Solstice meditation. This prolonged hierarchical meditation prepares the way for Three Major Planetary Festivals and the Sirius / Leo Festival, which in turn evoke evolution, initiation, service, and a great spiritual unity throughout planet earth.

To further understand the significance of the December Solstice click here.

*The Northern and Southern Hemispheres

During the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice, when the sun appears to stand still as it begins to move northward, it is the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, where the sun's apparent path will begin each day to move farther south. Both of these solstices occur at the same time, every December.

Those in both hemispheres experience the sun, moon and planets in the same constellations, and the same galactic planes; only the seasons are opposite. Southern hemisphere observers see the zodiacal constellations further north.

The northern hemisphere's "Spring Festivals" are the southern hemisphere's “Autumn Festivals.” In the southern hemisphere, the Wesak Full Moon during the sign of Taurus occurs in the season of autumn. For both hemispheres, the Festival Full Moons and planetary positions appear among the same stars and planets.
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2014 Galactic Update
Renaming the Super Galactic Center (SGC)?

Humanity is now expanding its consciousness with the discovery that our Milky Way Galaxy has a home in a much larger system of galaxies, in the newly identified Laniakea Supercluster. Our Galaxy is positioned in the outskirts of this ginormous system of galaxies whose name Laniakea (Lah-nee-ah-KAY-uh) means "immeasurable heaven" or "immense heaven."

... The Virgo Cluster [SGC] lies at the center of our Local Super Cluster [of galaxies]—hence the location of our "Super Galactic Center"—or so we thought. However, we may now need to reconsider this name, and perhaps change it to our "Local Super Galactic Center [LSGC]," or simply the "Virgo Cluster Center [VCC]."

For the last 50 years, until this year (2014), astronomers associated our Galaxy and its Local Group with the Virgo Cluster nesting within the Local Super Cluster ... we can now see that what we thought was our Local Super Cluster may be a just tiny island nesting upon a mere filament in the outskirts of a unfathomably vast super galactic cluster, now named Laniakea.
- Nick Fiorenza / The Lunar Planner Sept. 24 - Oct. 23, 2014

Laniakea: Our home supercluster is a 4-min.YouTube video that tells of the discovery of this supercluster.
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