Redeeming Light Of Love

The Redeeming Light of Love

Allow the absolute Purity
Of the One Light of God
to Find a Home in Your Heart….
And remember the Love that brought you here

A love so Strong that it can Carry you Straight to the Place
Where you can Forgive and be Forgiven….
You can Believe and Understand
Why you are meant to Believe….

And you may find the Source of the Souls Living Spirit….
And it may Redeem your faith…
And give you a purpose
That allows you to be aligned with God’s Plan….

Listen, Listen Messengers of God..
It is time to be blessed by the Holy Spirit…



Be love
Be Light
And Be enlightened….
Be Joy
And InJoy…..

For in Being Love
We are Love…..
The Living Love of God

By being the Light
We share the presence of Living Light,
And we are Transformed
as the Light flows to us and through us

And by being Joy
we give ourselves to Believing the Good in Life
and the Blessings we are given in Joy…

For we are Instruments of Love, Light and Joy….

We are Divine Beings
Born as a Reflection of God

And by Becoming Light, Love and Joy…
We are Fulfilling our Destiny…

Taurus~ Wesak Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Wesak Festival full moon during Taurus occurs on April 28.

All who participate in's Wesak Festival of Shamballa Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Trust in God

Trust in God

The Source of the Soul Illuminates
The true gifts of the Heart.
Much of the Trying that the Mind Directs
Knows not how to release and be Still in the Absolute
Reality of this Now Moment of God

Do you trust in God?
Can your Love of the Teachings of the Masters
Allow you to Hold your Soul
In the Heart of the Circle of Light?
To Serve a greater purpose
To Pledge your life
To the Teaching of the Masters
To Know the True Power of God
And allow that Power
To be used for the Good of All

To understand that you are One with God

Aries New Moon Reflections

HI....I am sharing with you some of the visions and insights I am "seeing ~ Receiving" as I am going through a profound Rebirth and Spiritual Integration....I am experiencing being "found" by the "search light" and am finding the Joy of the experience demands expression......

Before you read on, I'd recommend you open another window to this youtube address......and listen to it first......

"Aries is called the Light of Life Itself. "It is the 'searchlight of the Logos, seeking that which can be used' for divine expression."



Can you experience the Absolute Love
That is in the Source within
A love that allows you to receive a transforming light
That Redeems your faith
And Gives you a Hope
And allows you to surrender to a Greater purpose
And leads you to your true self

Can you Be an Instrument of that Love
And trust that Joy ignites the Fire
And the passion of Purpose
That is held as the Key
That says Yes to your intent to Serve this Love
This divine connection to God
That is the Spirit of Who you Are

Honor that Love
By Living this Love

Aries Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The full moon during Aries occurs on March 29.

All who participate in's Aries Festival of the Risen One Global Meditation
are welcome to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

How does the Urantia Book align with Bailey's teachings

I am working on a book, Heaven Is Not the Last Stop by Sheila Keene-Lund, who is a long-time Urantia student. As I review her materials, I wonder if there are any people who study Bailey or ancient wisdom and have studied Urantia. I find similarities in the material and an open to seeing what others think.

Chile Earthquake ~ Hold a Holy Space for All Those Affected

Please join in a Power of One vigil for all those affected by the earthquake in Chile.

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