Pakistan Floods

We are called to hold a Holy Space and send light to assist all the Kingdoms affected by this event ...

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Virgo Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Virgo Festival full moon occurs on Tuesday, August 24.

All who participate in's Virgo Festival Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Sirius~Leo Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Sirius~Leo Festival full moon occurs on Sunday, July 25.

All who participate in's Leo Festival Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation
are welcome to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Gemini~Goodwill Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Goodwill Festival full moon during Gemini occurs on May 27.

All who participate in's Goodwill Festival of Unification Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

We are called to hold a Holy Space and send light to assist all the Kingdoms affected by this event ...

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"Compassion accepts others as they are. One who thoroughly realizes compassion no longer sees any separation between self and others. Compassion is the wholesome and spontaneous response to all situations."
—Tarthang Tulku

the Circle of service


It is in true humility
That we can learn….

It is in the Stillness
That we can open the door to our Soul….

It is in Understanding
That we can feel
The true Heart that calls

And it is with Gratitude
For all of the Gifts we’ve been Given
That we can share….

And it is in Sharing
That we are Blessed
And the Perfect Light of the Souls Love
Can Shine Forth through our Being….

And we complete the circle of Service
To say Thank You God

2010 Keynote Impressions

In January we at meditated together to invoke the Keynote for 2010, and the following impressions for the year came through:

“Jurisdiction” in the sense of lots of things happening in the world so that each one plays their own part, their jurisdiction. This is our responsibility, as a calling for one’s unique service in the Aquarian context. (SS)

“Be the illumined one” ~ whatever is the individual’s calling. “Illumination” ~ the illumined mind, being that which is radiant. This brings opportunity to share with many people and relates to our Divine Destiny. (ED)

This cycle is about participation in the Life, towards creating Divine Life. We will need to be the grounders of upcoming change as there will be a shocking event, something not experienced before, near the beginning of this year’s Spring Festivals. (HN)

It’s time for physical plane manifestation of the work. People are at an increased level of vibrational shaking, fragility. The process of grounding is up. This year there’s a turning of the spiral again to the keynote, “Out of the Chaos comes Clarity of Purpose.”

It said “Blessings” and actually we need to do whatever allows each of us to generate consistent blessings in the world, because there will be a great need. In present time, be present: “Be the Angels.” This relates to larger experiences worldwide as well as individual needs. (DP)

The synthetic paradigm is demonstrated within the group. Whatever each person’s calling, they are to do. We are playing our parts multidimensionally. The looming presence of the Melchizedek order and high direction are available. The human soul is working with the 4th Ray, and is working amidst the other rays to build the antahkarana of humanity. (KS)

“Kindness” ~ it is important to apply this quality during the coming cycle. It’s a vibration. Kindness is an aspect of compassion. (DC)


2010 is a year of great joy and great sorrow, happening simultaneously. This causes a whole veil to be pierced and there will be dynamic, dramatic effects.

Finding the Christ balance in the middle, the synthetic balance in the chaos is important. There is the need to be fluid about the arising of the harmony throughout our world, to be fluid with these energies.

The chaos is necessary as it leads to unexpected outcomes, removing the timelines. We are in this process and need to be with it, and assist others with understanding this.

Something will come up in April. Expect more major earthquakes [this was shortly after the quake in Haiti] and two volcano eruptions, to have a global effect.

Part of what we’re experiencing is that the will is active and on a larger scale than previously. As the cyclic will energies emerge it’s about remaining balanced, this gives purpose.

For the 2010 Spiritual cycle our meditation theme is
“Out of the Chaos comes Clarity of Purpose.”

Previously in the Winter Solstice Global Meditation this impression for 2010 came through as a channeling:

the call

The call

Call upon the brightest light
And let it be in you…

Call upon the sweetest song
And let it speak to you….
Open up your heart and Mind
Open up your soul…

Let the deepest secrets out
And free you so you can know….

You are a child of God
As are we all you see….
You have the power to live the way of truth
So you can be…..
A Force for good….
A Way of Light….
A humble servant of Love…..

Each day can be a blessed gift
As we learn the teachings from above….

Let the doubts be released…
Let the fear be gone..
Come into the Circle
And greet the Brand new dawn…

we are not alone

We are not Alone

We are not alone…
We are all here on this Path Together for a reason…..
Each ray of Light Shining Forth from this planet…
To add to the Legions who are
Now working for the Good of All…..

We are Not Alone…
We are Called by Love to bring our Heart and Soul
to Guide Use and give us a Purpose that comes from God
to reveal to Ourselves Who we truly Are……
We are Not Alone….
The Radiant Energy of the Divine merges Our Light and Love…
And creates a Foundation that will bring forth

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