Nothing can hold you back

nothing can hold you back

but your own choice 
all of the light of the universe is present 
waiting for you to see and choose 
why not open your heart and mind
to the unlimited possibilities 
to create the life you want
and set your soul free

Humble & Kind

A few months ago I got a tip that there was a wonderful singer/songwriter named Lori McKenna that I might enjoy. I needed something musical & new so I bought her album "The Bird & the Rifle". Now she is a Nashville kind of gal, just to let you know. It is a wonderful piece of work, my wife & I both enjoy it. The other evening I listened closely to one of the songs on the album called "Humble & Kind". I think it the best folk/country song I have heard in a long, long time. It sings to me, there is hope, there is beauty in this world, but we got to work for it.

Go To The Centre of the Well

In Silent Stillness

what is it deep in the centre


that is asking to be



Our Guide Polaris~the North Star Points Us in the Right Direction


Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the "star of re-orientation"
whereby the art of "refacing and recovering that which is lost" is developed.
This eventually brings a man back to his originating source.

- Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, p. 196

Sun conjunct Merak
For over a month beginning August 7 each year,
the Sun conjuncts the 7 main stars of the Great Bear constellation

Thanks to Antonella Nobilio and The Planetary System, this linked article is of supreme importance at this particular time in planetary history.

The Pole Star, Polaris, shows us the way to proceed ... it governs Shamballa and Monadic Will.

Merak is connected with the Egoic Will.

Dubhe is connected with the Personality Will. (*)

When all three have been fully unfolded and sacrificed to that which is higher than itself, and are therefore fully aligned ... Three Suns become ONE and further and higher adventures await.

To the heart of humanity ~ Spiritual Focus, July 24 - 30

When I despair, I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love have always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers,
and for a time, they can seem invincible,
but in the end, they always fall.
Think of it ~ always.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Day Out of Time
Annually July 25th

ah the heart of humanity is aching
and there are those who wonder why
the world is in such chaos
and there are so many that have to cry 
and we look at all the news 
and stop and take a sigh
as we see the broken hearts 
and tears that fall for all of the lost lives 
but if we could also see
the good that is alive
the ones who are praying
and candles lit for those who are gone

An Answer to the Fear, Hate, & Evil

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely,
more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.

- Leonard Bernstein

Principle of Unanimity

Dear Friends,

I have never owned a gun. I do not condone or believe violence solves anything, except in the case of self-defense or the protection of others is involved. Yes, I would support a ban on assault rifles. But in this case and in reality in all cases, it is always the person firing the gun at innocent people that is the problem.

2nd 2016 Goodwill Festival + Gemini Full Moon Vigil

Festival of Goodwill Meditation

Let us fuse ourselves with The Christ light and see the light as one.
- Michelle Pearce

Festival of Goodwill Meditation ~ Audio
SouledOut Global Meditation ~ Sunday, June 19 at 9:00 pm PDT / 04:00 UT Monday, June 20
Full moon exact time ~ Monday, June 20 at 4:02 am PDT / 11:02 UT

As participants in the second 2016 Gemini Full Moon Vigil, we will sound The Great Invocation* at the start and end of the quarter hour interval, Sunday evening 6/19 at 9:30 and 9:45 pm PDT (04:30 and 04:45 UT Monday 6/20), as a component of our Gemini~Goodwill Global Meditation.

The upcoming, second full moon Festival during Gemini ~ Monday, June 20 at 4:02 am PDT / 11:02 UT ~ takes place on the day of the Summer Solstice event.

It seems altogether aligned with the twin symbology of Gemini for there to be two Goodwill Festivals events this cycle, with emphasis on the first one that sequentially followed this spring's Aries and Wesak Festivals.

Look Up! ... Gemini and the Human Kingdom

Image Credit: Mark Golding

In the future, humanity will become the diamond-souled kingdom ~
working as one to fuse spiritual and mundane fire and raise planetary
kundalini. As this occurs, the whole of planetary life will shift onto etheric
levels and a state unimaginable to us at present. The pure, cold fire of love
that shines from Venus whose evolution is someway ahead of ours, indicates
the way, as does the sulphurous, fiery atmosphere that envelops its physical
body indicate that the liberation of spirit from matter has taken place.

- Lucis Trust, The Purified Breath and Carbon Transformation

Hello Star Gazers,
As Gemini's Goodwill lunar cycle (May 6-June 4) comes to a close, I offer a few notes for your listening pleasure, notes that the heavenly Twins sound forth into our human realm.

The Gemini Twins Constellation

Image: StarDate Online / Adobe Photoshop

Look Up! ... Goodwill's Galactic Full Moon

The will-to-good of the world knowers
is the magnetic seed of the future.
The will-to-good is the Father aspect,
whilst goodwill is the Mother aspect,
and from the relation of these two the
new civilisation, based on sound spiritual
(but utterly different) lines, can be founded.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and The Initiations

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
May 6, 12:29pm PDT marked the beginning of the 2016 Festival of Goodwill lunar cycle that ends June 4, 7:59pm PDT. The Goodwill Festival is the third of the three major planetary Full Moon Festivals that occur in the spring. The first, March 23 penumbral lunar eclipse, aligned with the Christ (Easter), the second, April 21/22, aligned with the Buddha (Wesak) and the third, May 21, with the spiritual and Divine nature of humanity (Goodwill). These Festivals form a spiritual high point of the year.

The Goodwill Full Moon is exact Saturday, May 21 at 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT)

The folks at invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Goodwill Full Moon Festival of Unification.

Mercury's rare transit of the Sun May 9 was fun to watch online. I felt blessed to see a solar prominence emerge behind Mercury, as well as see sunspots across the Sun! This photo is exquisite and this one is unique Tiny Mercury and the International Space Station You can see more at Mercury Transit Photo Gallery.

Lunar Theme: New Beginnings "This May 6, 2016 New Moon resides amongst the stars of the Ram ... at the ecliptical location of the Sun's exaltation [Map], making this an empowering lunar cycle ... to step forth into a more appropriate position in life, to gain greater freedom in life, or to create some type of transformation in our lives to do so. It is of new beginnings ... to take action ... surrendering any righteous attitudes we may hold about deserving more or becoming more than we are, which creates an inner tension that keeps us from the very thing we seek ... this location ... is of a regenerative nature ... can also be volatile ... requires a need to channel this energy ..." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart
Full Moon Exact: Saturday, May 21 at 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT)
Aldebaran / Antares Axis ~ Healing of the Nations

2018 Gemini~Goodwill Festival Meditation ~ Audio

Let Purpose guide our wills
The Purpose which the Masters Know and Serve

- The Great Invocation*

Gemini~Goodwill Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio
Full Moon Exact Time ~ Tuesday, May 29 at 7:19 am PDT / 14:19 UT

At the full moon during the sign Gemini, widely known among perpetrators of the Ageless Wisdom as the Christ’s Festival and as the Festival of Humanity, there tends to be emphasis on themes related to the 3 I’s ~ Individuation, Initiation, and Identification.

As Individual human units, we take Initiation into the spiritual kingdom through Identification with our Divine essence or spirit, within the Whole of Life to which we belong.

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