The Morning After....

That was a profound purge of Concern for me yesterday. Thank you for giving me a Healing Space with which to declare the concerns of my Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Your healing page with the 6 pt star is so beautiful, it is itself the healing you intended. Thank you for all the GRACE you channel through here. I am feeling profound gratitude well as Vulnerable.

There is a great vulnerability when getting in touch with terms of terms of the GRACE involved being part of an unfolding of Christ Incarnate upon the earth.

Thank you particularly today for the Deva information.

I have had a deep longing to connect with the Faerie, Deva world. I love the sense of Divine Matrix of SACRED PRESENCE with Angels and Archangels, Faerie and Deva.... as the Messengers of form and bearers of our Prayers, thought's and intentions.

I have had a sense of needing to build Finhorn/Perelandra energies where I live. A friend who has a technique to get in touch with property/house deva's had told me that Vi is my house deva and UGI my Yard deva....I had worked somewhat with their energies the first couple of years, but have not felt led to do so recently. Sort a sense of awkwardness as to how one goes about developing a relationship BY ONESELF....most of the other "deva" relationships seem to thrive in groups....I don't have that luxury as yet.

In my first or second year of Solitude I remember a sense of "FAERIE TRAIL OF TEARS" though their banishment from mass consciousness, in the WESTERN WORLDS at least, was very like our First Nations loosing their connection to the Land. I was very grateful, in a conversation with a 1st nations woman at the ferry a while back, that she shared some one in her circle had experienced the "Little People" of this area.

I have heard them bird song, and yet not....When the little mushrooms emerge early morning, I feel it as a Faerie blessing, letting me know they have been Present in the Yard.

Much to my astonishment, I did notice some improvement with certain plants and garden beds since I began holding "Sanctuary for Planting Consciousness Seeds for Peace"....I had read "Secret Life of Plants" etc, but never supposed that MY meditations could be strong enough to bless with evident results in a whole yard....

My Cat, TULABERE has a Faerie Guide....I had read about animals and their Guides in "Ask the Very Beasts" by Marilyn Geddes. One day as Tulabere trekked across the keyboard in front of the computer screen ~_~ I got the definite intelligent Impression of FAERIE....her name, as it has come to me is ATHENA....she wears feathered regalia like a first nations Dance being....I speak with her, if Tulabere and I are having some concerns....e.g. when I was considering in inviting Clair De Lune into the house....we did a lot of dialogue the three of us....Tulabere, Athena and Myself.

I have on occasion, addressed the Dryad spirits of my trees, yet it is still pretty elusive....

I bought myself some Faerie cards, a set by husband and wife, Brian and Wendy Froud, and have just begun working with the icons. Around All Hallows Eve, a friend, for her birthday asked for a Faerie Card reading....she had also given me a set.

Card reading has come late for me....for which I am grateful to have as much Spiritual Wisdom before embarking upon working these tools to Access Spiritual Entities that I have not really "pursued" before.

Anyway, never having been asked to do a card reading for someone, I prayed. What emerged was to use the 7 pt. Faerie Star, with the unpaired point at the top. A card from each of the two decks was placed at each point. We did it over the phone.

It was a profound experience....I asked about "chakra"s and the Star formation, and what I got was that the 7 points were Crown, Shoulders, Hips and Feet.

When I finished the 2 + hour reading, that included dialogue between the Birthday Woman and myself....we were about to hang up, when I realized it wasn't "finished yet"....this was a SACRED ACT....not only did a Faerie portal connection exist now between our properties, but it was as though the construction gave me an ETHERIC(?) Faerie Robe. It was tangible to my Spirit Sensors.

Again not certain implications, only trusting that in divine timing wisdom will come.

Being able to "CALL IN THE PRESENCE OF FAERIE" in Sacred Circle at the Mad Hatter's Wedding Tea Party was an experience I have longed for, but it has never been TIME or the SACRED SPACE OF WELCOMING before.

I am convinced, that if each of us "Does" what makes our Hearts and Being SING then that is our WORK.

I would like the Sacred DEVA's to teach me how to work with them, so that together we could construct energetic matrixes enabling humanity to "Do" what we need to "Do" for our own Synthesis,JOY AND CONTRIBUTION to PEACE and have our financial needs met.

Creativity, Divine Expression are the Energy sources that can renew our planet in LOVING COMPASSION.

As I read all the options of Service, I am grateful at all the Signs of Spirit and Unfolding Alive on our planet. It is "Heartening"....

I need assistance in knowing how to Live what I am doing in away that provides the Financial necessity of living in a HOME that provides me with profound SANCTUARY....The energies of A.B. Makela, who built this home have been recovered, and they are worth preserving....

Great Spirit....I want to contribute and have a reciprocal sense that what I am contributing is WORTH something to the whole.

I am having a hard time receiving gifts through the net that require me to "PAYFORWARD" when all I have at this point is my prayers and writing, and I get caught up in rules for fear I will violate trust and sacred exchange. Thank you for the guidance with which you will unfold in me. If I was guiding someone else, I would say, what you are doing for the world is Pay it forward, but I have a hard time giving that to myself for fear of compromising my INTEGRITY, thus contribution of Light to the WORLD.

Great Spirit, I would like to learn how to work with the DEVAs. I would like some basic Encounters first, so that I can make Certain I learn how to CHERISH their beings as well as their Contributions, that they may not be used as Commodity....

Fill me with your Light, O SACRED MYSTERY....
Connect me to ALL the DIVINE HEALING ENERGIES that would contribute to my being able to give of myself, whatever best serves person, group, earth in the moment, and know that you will look after me, by guiding me to appropriate relationship in the appropriate time.