Post full Moon reflections....

Good Morning....

I have been deliberately "tuning into" Betelgeuse at my heart and Sirius for my head....One of the "prayer" "techniques" that I find nourishes me on many levels is praying in the BATH TUB !!!! I often "see" myself in Communion in caverns of mineral springs that I have only heard about and I know exist in B.C. north of Nelson....or in ancient "women's rites" where mineral springs were a deep source of Spiritual nutrition.

A couple of years back I received a "reiki" attunement for "The Angel's Diamond Star Portal Energies" by Robin J. it includes different meanings and symbols for different point stars that can be used to "tune into" specifically while accessing the energies. Of all the attunements I have received through "ng" spiritual sites, this one is the one I use the most. I trace the diamond in my bathtub water....and draw whatever pointed star I feel led in the moment to access the Wisdom and the Healing I need. Last night I impressed the 6pt star as Betelgeuse and the 4 pt, ascension star as Sirius into my bath waters....with Susan's suggestion of Betelgeuse at heart and Sirius at my crown.

The Sirius energy feels WHITE, COLD, BRILLIANT, somewhat "sharp/clean edge (?)", METALLIC,....the vibe of which I receive as Silver.
and if any "colour" the blue in the blue dot pic of the head emerging from silver blue waters.

Last night, Clair de Lune, the newest Cat addition to my "family" woke me up by scratching on the pillow above my though trying to "awaken (?)" a Something there. This was a first in behaviour for him. I've been noticing both He and Tulabere seem to be more INTERACTIVE with me ON SPIRITUAL LEVELS, particularly the last week or so....even though Tulabere has always "meditated" with me. In the night, it is as though they are 'deliberately' assisting in my metabolizing of energy in particular chakras....just the other night, I woke to find Tulabere at my knees, and a REAL sense of CAPRICORN'S Knee energy....she has often slept there, but not with this kind of ENERGY interaction....I've been aware for years now, of our pets spiritual connections and taking on Physical symptoms of distress, but something has shifted in "INTENTsity" well as a 'sense' that I do need to spend more time in Meditation with them when they 'ask' for attention....

In the three Great Approaches reading, the element of Gold is brought up. Just before my Pilgrimage, I felt strong guidance NOT TO WEAR ANY GOLD....I gave much away....only a couple of years ago, when I received my Star Sapphire ring back as my Self Sovereignty ring, did I feel it was "time" to integrate Gold again through my skin. At which point I also began to wear a solitary Diamond set in gold, that looks like it is in the Christian "fish" symbol, although it is 'called' "first kiss"....having a X with the diamond in the bottom centre.

On February 14, 2009, it was the Day of the Fulfillment of the "Age of Aquarius"....with all the song's planets in alignment. That was the first time I felt led to be present at sunrise. I drove to the "crown" of the Island, where the LIGHTHOUSE is....and in the dark walked to the "point". This is an energy that feels like the CENTRE of a VORTEX....

I had to wait a long time in the cold dark for the rising of the Sun. (It was before I had the insight of Dawn being a Season rather than a point in time) It was a stunning GOLDEN Sunrise....I was very aware of a SENSE for the FIRST TIME of the Spiritual Blessing involved in Gold Radiance. A sense that GOLD energy was important for the Aquarian Age. A few days later I went to another "point" at sunrise and got one of my most delightful "gold" pictures of Ocean and Seagull. Last year around the same time I went to the second point and received what I consider a Blessing of a Golden "Solar Angel" in the pictures....which I didn't "see" until I got home and looked at my Pictures....I had been concentrating on lining up Birds in the Light Ray so had missed the "greater" picture.

In between, I received an Attunement for BAGAN as a Sacred Locations "Empowerment". This was my "awakening" to the POWER of Golden Light:

Bagan Sacred Location Attunement

Barefeet Climb the Holy Steps
preparing the
Eyes ALight waiting to Behold
the Golden Buddah Place.... far as the eye can see,
their lance points piercing
through my Sacred Mind
To the Source of all Consciousness
Time between Time.

Gracious and Glorious Golden Ones
You Intercede and Celebrate
for & with us
With the whole Company of Light
that dance in the Celestial Realms,
Their Voices as Bells upon the Wind.....

Open the Third Eye
To the Golden Light.....
Let your Consciousness & psychic receptors
Attune to the Whole of the Glory and

Here Lies the Sacramental Presence
Of the Healing Golden Light
As tho' all "gold fever" is
the Hungry Mind Spirit
Screaming for the
Divine Light of Golden Essence
To Break Open the Mind's Runners Wall....
Allowing the
All Compassionate Consciousness
to gently Kiss
the Nothingness
of the One
In the Interstatial Places
Made Great in the Shattering.....

Seek with all your Heart, Mind, Soul, & Body....

Seek the Incarnation of the Great Cosmic "Marriage" of BodySpirit.

It is worth noting, that on February 14, 2009 my 'buddy', StarMan came to the Pink Hermitage to do some tree clean up. It was a very meditative Sunny and warm day, and he built a fire to burn the "green" pruning as well as other wood debris I had gathered from the yard in the preceding months. The fire burned with an intensity I had never seen before and have yet to see since. At One point I was overwhelmed with the SENSE of Hildegard de Bingen's VERDATIS BLESSING....I was within a GREEN FLAME, on the earth. It was sometime later that I discovered that the Comet Lulin had been passing the Earth at that time, and the pics from NASA showed it with a GREEN AURA. They felt connected.

Again, no conclusions, just observations. That being said, one of the most PEACE INDUCING prayers I have ever read is what I believe is a Buddhist prayer that evokes the Gold. I got it off someone's blog site and haven't been able to locate the original manuscript context. Let me conclude with It:

Praise by all the Bodhisattavas Sutra of Golden Light

O Conqueror, your body resembles refined Gold,
For its glorious presence posses a Golden hue,
You are Golden like the Golden king of mountains,
The White Lotus Seer has features of Gold.

Sublime major marks adorn your body in full;
Sublime minor signs embellish your body parts.
You are brilliant and possess the fine splendor of GOLD.
Utterly pristine, serene as the lord of mountains,
You have the voice of Brahma and Brahma's melodic sound.

You roar the rumbling song of the lion and that of the
dragon too;
Your sixty-fold melody echoes and resounds.
Conqueror, Your melody holds cuckoo and peacock songs.
Utterly without stain, spotless and immaculate with
glorious light,
O Conqueror, marks of hundreds of virtues adorn you.

Your ocean of wisdom is supremely flawless and pristine;
Conqueror, like Sumeru you are endowed with every virtue.
With supreme compassion for the welfare of beings,
You are the supreme bestower of peace upon the World.
Granting the state of tranquility beyond death,
O Conqueror, you expound the highest sublime truth
And usher in the serenity beyond suffering.

O Conqueror, through revealing the nectar of the Dharma
You usher in the deathless city;
An abode of peace,
You are the source of everything serene.

O Conqueror, you free migrating beings from suffering
and liberate creatures from the ocean of misery;
You place them upon the path to peace
And give happiness to every being.

Nothing can be found that is comparable
To the sage's ocean of virtue and wisdom.
Possessing compassion for beings laden with life,
You have the powers of love, perseverance and skill.