Look Up! ... Easter's Eclipses and Holy Grail

May the light shine with us into those dark moments and
help resurrect us into the constant truth of who and what we are:
We are all the sons and daughters of Life, belonging here,
gifts to the universe from the Life that brought us.

- Allan Hardman

Hello Sky Gazers,
March 8, 5:54pm PST marked the Moon's new phase and its Supermoon total solar eclipse March 8-9 seen mainly in a long narrow path over the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The New Moon's solar eclipse sets in motion the 2016 Easter lunar cycle that ends April 7, 4:24am PST.

The lunar month continues with the March 19/20 Equinox Global Meditations, and peaks with a second eclipse, the Full Moon's Penumbral lunar eclipse on March 23, a subtle almost invisible partial eclipse. This Full Moon of the Easter lunar cycle is the first of the 3 major planetary Full Moon Festivals that occur in spring for the Northern Hemisphere and in autumn for the Southern Hemisphere. These Festivals form a spiritual high point of the year. Celebration of Light gives a brief introduction to these 3 Festivals and provides insight to the first, The Festival of the Risen One ~ Easter. As this Festival season unfolds more information will be shared about these 3 Full Moons.

The current Easter lunar cycle not only inaugurates the spiritual high season of the year, it also showers humanity with stimulating celestial energies.

Lunar Theme: Altruistic ~ Total Solar Eclipse "Our New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs amongst the flowing waters dispensed from the Urn of Aquarius ... over the Phoenix, a sign of renewal, of rising from the ashes ... The New Moon occurs in the midst of a stellium of planets ... with the exact Jupiter-Saturn square occurring on the [Full Moon] Lunar Eclipse, and as Saturn makes its retrograde station ... Critical times [geophysical and physiological] include the March 9 solar eclipse ... into and just after the First Quarter Moon of March 14-15 and the Full Moon eclipse through the Jupiter-Saturn square and Saturn station, March 22-25. Pay Attention!." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Easter's Eclipses and Holy Grail
How Eclipse Lunar Cycles Affect Our Lives
A Heavenly Holy Grail and Our Divine Inheritance
New Moon Total Solar Eclipse
Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse
Image Description & Credit
Image Description & Credit

Supermoon total solar eclipse March 8-9
Event heralding this Easter lunar cycle
Subtle lunar eclipse before dawn March 23
The "Easter" Penumbral Full Moon Eclipse
The Science of Solar Eclipses ~ The Science of Lunar Eclipses

How Eclipse Lunar Cycles Affect Our Lives

The following excerpts were written by Nick Fiorenza in his Lunar Planner for March 20 - April 18 2015.

Eclipses in Our Lives

Generally, eclipse lunar cycles mark a time of shifting into a new octave of experience ... Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings ... Eclipse influences generally last about six months, until the next eclipse occurs.

Solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world, or how we articulate ourselves in life. They are about shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression, and addressing issues that keep us from doing so. They can invite a new beginning, way of life, or new way of participating in life.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotionally palpable in nature, how we feel about things on the inner and how we respond to our life experience. They are about releasing the emotional bonds within ourselves that glue us to involvements that are less than we truly want or deserve. They are also about the emotional and experiential aspects of our relations with others and with the world. Lunar eclipses provide opportunity for an emotional resynchronization.

Eclipse lunar cycles are ideal times to set new six-month goals to create personal change in our lives, not necessarily on the solar or lunar eclipse, but based upon the realizations we have throughout the eclipse lunar cycles.

A Heavenly Holy Grail and Our Divine Inheritance

Humanity's Divine Inheritance is annually written in the Heavens during Easter's lunar cycle.

Each year Easter's Full Moon draws our attention to Virgo the Virgin and her Heavenly Holy Grail. The emanations of this constellation nurture the seed of our innate divinity and spiritual awareness.

Virgo the Virgin along with both the willful focus of Arcturus, a luminary north of Virgo, and the open receptivity of Spica, the Virgin's brightest star, help each of us give birth to our divinity, to our Christ consciousness.

Each year the Sun opposite Easter's Full Moon is positioned in Pisces the World Savior. The emanations of this constellation free us from the subservience to and the limitations of form. These energies, enlivened and showered upon us by the rays and power of the Sun, ultimately end the darkness of matter forever.

Pisces the World Savior lies beneath Pegasus the "Doorway to Paradise."

The dual relationship of Easter's Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces tunes us to the fact that we are born to be a Divine Light in the World. Living as the Light we save the world from darkness and the Doorway to Paradise opens allowing us to experience new dimensions of reality.

In 2016 ...

The "Easter" March 23 penumbral Full Moon eclipse lies in the Virgin's Holy Grail. The Sun, Uranus and Mercury lie in the constelllation of Pisces the World Savior. Mercury is in superior conjunction with the Sun.

The penumbral Full Moon eclipse is the second of two eclipses in the Easter lunar cycle, the first being the New Moon's supermoon total solar eclipse March 8-9. Review links under graphics.

The Heavenly Holy Grail expands on all of the above information and provides helpful maps and links.

Note: These two eclipses and the ongoing 2015-2016 Saturn-Neptune Square, discussed in the previous lunar cycle, are potently influencing a paradigm shift for all of humanity. This is a time to ease up on what you thought was / is right for you, and to entertain the possibility that something new is knocking on the door of your consciousness. Higher dimensions and deeper interactions of spirit and matter are requiring new actions and reactions from all of us. Honor your limitations. Make enough time to rest and recuperate in order to better assimilate these celestial forces. Make the needed adjustments and tweaks to your life one step at a time. Stay open to change. Initiate change. Be still and know.


Mark Your Calendar!

The Five Visible Planets
Jupiter, shining at peak magnitude -2.5 and climbing higher in the southeast every night is a must see planetary delight. Jupiter is twice as bright as our brightest star Sirius and it is the 2nd brightest planet after Venus.
- Jupiter lies east of Regulus, the heart star of Leo the Lion. Map
- March 19-22, Jupiter/Moon Map
With a pair of binoculars or a cheap telescope watch Jupiter's four largest moons.
Saturn and Mars pair up in the south before dawn forming a triangle with Antares the heart star of Scorpius the Scorpion.
- Moon, Saturn, Mars on March 27-28
- March 28-30, Saturn/Mars/Antares/Moon Map
Venus is difficult to observe as it sinks low on the east-southeast horizon before sunrise.
Mercury is too close to the Sun to be seen. It is switching from the sunrise morning horizon to the sunset evening horizon. Mercury gives its best evening performance of 2016 during the next lunar cycle.
- The Planets in Esoteric Astrology ... scroll 1/2 way down

Any Evening
Celestial Rabbits ...
3 rabbits, a hunter, a scorpion and a lion tune us to spring.
- Springtime Pleiades
Friend to both night sky traveler and pilgrim on the spiritual path
- Regulus and Leo the Lion
A sign of spring and a stimulation of consciousness

Moon ... Evening, Morning, Daytime
The Moon's Phases help us grow in consciousness.
Where's the Moon tonight? Can you see it in the daylight sky?
Can you name its phase when you see it?

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.
Sunrise Sunset Calculator

Charting the Heavens
EarthSky Tonight ... nightly highlights/maps
This Week's Sky at a Glance ... weekly highlights/maps


This lunar cycle takes us through the March 19/20 equinox doorway into the seasonal sign of Aries. It peaks with the March 23 Full Moon penumbral eclipse and ends April 7. It inaugurates the high spiritual season of the year, celebrating three major planetary Full Moon Festivals. The first aligns with the Christ, the second with the Buddha and the third with the spiritual and Divine nature of humanity.

This Easter lunar cycle aligned with the Christ provides two eclipses that give us the opportunity and challenge "to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world ... to release emotional bonds ... that glue us to involvements that are less than we truly want or deserve." Nick Fiorenza

The dual relationship of Easter's Full Moon in the constellation Virgo and the Sun in the constellation Pisces tunes us to the fact that we are born to be a Divine Light in the World.

We are reminded that all of humanity is in the process of a pragdigm shift during 2016.

It is up to us to respond, to find anew the way of being. We are now to Be the Way.

The Christ rose, and so shall we ... rising out of the seeming chaos in our world to express the Light of Life ~ the very essence of the Divine Light and Way.

The great wheel has turned,
much falls away burned and a new way, learned.
There is a way to liberation and freedom,
lifting us unto the Spiritual Kingdom..

- Excerpt: 2016 Aries Festival Global Meditation

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the 2016 Aries Festival Global Meditation. Join with others in meditation and strengthen the Light Grid of planet Earth.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky