Preparing for the New Spiritual Cycle

When the narrative of the world becomes overwhelming,
let go, breathe and gently return to what is silently perceiving.

- Keith Strickland

The Springtime Holy Feasts

Most all traditional world religions reflect the significant spring events heralded in the Ageless Wisdom as the 3 Springtime Festivals observed at the full moons of Aries~Easter, Taurus~Wesak and Gemini~Goodwill.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, in 2019 on March 6, the entire Christian church observes the season of holy days climaxing at Easter and continuing through Pentecost Sunday, this year on June 9.

This 90-day season surrounds the mythos of the last phase of Christ’s life and service expression, and is held to be the holy high point of the annual cycle.

In 2019 the Aries Festival of the Risen One falls on Good Friday, April 19. As the first full moon following the spring equinox, it precedes the observance of Easter the following Sunday, April 21.

As light workers, may we rise to the occasion of the annual spiritual cycle to seize the opportunity to align ever further with the Kingdom of Souls and our planetary guides and deity. To the Glory of the One!

This is the possibility of service offered to us: to give our hearts to all and everything
in the world around us that may be thirsty for inspiration, support and help,
and to direct the spiritual energy (which we can contact) toward it and let it pour forth.

- Jan van der Linden. Twelve Festivals, Spiritual Opportunity at the Full Moon

Ah so!

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