March 2009 Pisces Meditation Impression and our preparation for the Spring Festivals

The following is an impression I received during our meditation at the Full Moon in March, in Pisces. I am sharing it now because it speaks to the Spring Festivals and our future work.

Love and Light,
Ted J. Rucker

In meditation at the full moon in March I found my sacred place within
the great Global Grid, the Chalice. In moments I was one with my fellow
assembled Light Workers. Soon I felt a great upwelling of energy. I was
searching for a word that describes the feeling and it was "liberation".
I felt freer, and certain things that at times I think are important,
truly fell away as we lifted. I felt awakened, alive spiritually and

I then felt again the strength and power of our partnership with the
Spiritual Hierarchy. In our meditations the collaboration between
Humanity and the Hierarchy has been building in a new way for over 10
years now. I sensed a greater Unity, and the relationship is becoming
more dynamic and potent as Humanity steps up to our new work. The
channels between are more open and able to carry more energy.

I felt the co-operation between Humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy was
reaching a new arena of possibilities. The feeling was amazingly real. I
literally could feel the presence of the Hierarchy touching our united
Soul. It was as if, after a great effort to climb a difficult trail, to
reach the goal, there was a wonderful out stretched hand welcoming us,
lifting us to the top and leaving us with more energy that you could
imagine, alive and illumined!

We rose higher together Humanity and the Hierarchy. Then there was
before us the great Light of the Divine. The Light illumined us,
illumined everything, even more clearly we could see the connections,
the channels between Humanity, the Hierarchy and the Divine. How more
and more energy was to flow through these great channels.

The message was clear, we need to return with this Light with this
awareness, as things on earth need to be made ready, prepared for the
great influx of energy that will come with the Three Great Spiritual
Festivals. The energy will set Humanity on a new course, that brings
about a new era of co-operation with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and will
guide us further along our path to our goal, our Divine Destiny.

The following quote is taken for the BeWise Aries Calendar. I found it
to be inspiring and it captures the essence of Humanity's way of working
with the Hierarchy and the Divine:

"A World Server is one who uses the mind simply as a tool and works
from the Soul. The energy flows through them to serve the world.