Call for Seasonal Donations

Everything that rises must converge.
- Eudora Welty

New Year's Global Meditations
World Healing Day ~ World Spirituality Day ~ Universe Day

Honoring the Spirit of Generosity ...

Thank You for Your Heartfelt Participation in and WeCycle Wisdom!

As a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, welcomes donations to assist our group service in creating and maintaining our online expression.

All Light Workers are encouraged to share with the organizations of your choice, as inspired and aligned, especially at this time of Sharing around the Holy days cycle.

The combined contributions of many will bring most welcome change to our world. We encourage all to consider supporting worthy programs, to assist in activating and enlivening not only those receiving the financial aid by way of the chosen organizations, but also the Principle of Sharing itself.

Together we are doing important work in the world ~ and more is needed. With your help, collectively we can be a Message of Unity so many are seeking.

As we embark on our Journey of Spirit for 2019, we feel the presence of Divinity close. We're inspired to continue working and serving.

We steadfastly invoke the Principle of Sharing, as we seek the funds needed to carry forward this service.

In present time we're needing to further upgrade our computers and software to enhance SouledOut's audio offerings. In the Spirit of Co-Creation, we ask for your support of this endeavor.

As one year ends and a new one begins, let us together move forward with Divine Purpose finding new opportunities ~ opening Doors of Light and Insight for all!

With your help it Will be done, we will move forward ever more as One!

Simply click on this button or link to make a contribution in any amount.

Donations in support of are tax deductible as allowed by law. There are Donate Now buttons at the bottom of most pages on the website.

SouledOut is our gift to you and we're inspired to keep on giving. That you are using SouledOut's materials in service to the One Life we all share brings us great joy.

Honoring the Spirit of Co-Creation,
The Creators of

A Prayer for Our World
Align with Divine Love and Will for the highest good

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