Eternal Rhythm of the Ages & Sages

Cosmic Cycles

The Cosmos Turns the Wheel of Time,
Gateways Close, Gateways Open,
Stars Sing Songs of Glory to the Radiant One,
Planets Dance the Dance of Oneness

- Celestine Iisha Star*

Cycles & Rhythms of the NGWS

Note: Every 7 years the week from December 21 through 28 is held to be the Festival of the NGWS, occurring most recently in 2012. Because this event is at least in part influenced by solar energies, each year at this same time we may experience an imprint of the inflow assisting all Light workers who serve the planetary Life.

Attuning also now to the Cycles and Rhythms of the New Group of World Servers, we're reminded that the 2015-2016 spiritual year ~ from last spring equinox to the next ~ is a pivotal cycle, one in which it is vital that we unify with, and as, the One Life.

As each of these annual cycles, beginning at the annual Wesak Festival during Taurus, this spiritual year we're experiencing identified cycles of 3-, 9-, and 27-years. The 3-year cycle is characterized as a year of Tension, while both the larger 9- and 27-year cycles are characterized predominantly as energies of Crisis~Consolidation.

Cycles of Crisis~Consolidation are followed rhythmically by cycles qualified by Tension and later, Emergence. These rotate as influences imposed into the playing out of world events, filtering into and through all manifested Life.

A useful way to embrace the alternating energies of Crisis, Tension and Emergence is as the rhythmic inflow of predominately 1st ray ~ Crisis, 2nd ray ~ Tension, and 3rd ray ~ Emergence. This perspective helps us to understand the nature of developing cycles from both a more subjective and objective point of view.

At any one moment, there are a myriad of energies flowing through, within time and space. In this current cycle, while the overriding energy is characterized by Crisis~Consolidation, we are called to invoke the Will aspect in taking responsibility for wielding this grand potency in our actions and endeavors.

Becoming sensitive to these periodic phases allows us to wisely apply our own alignment to the service activities of our calling.

As the New Group of World Servers, we express the Will of Deity according to the degree of our alignment. ~ Let Purpose Guide Our Wills.

Living a rhythmic life allows for greater awareness of the synthesis aspect of the One Life. Engaging in the process of cyclic living, we move into our place within the very Synthesis of the Life belonging to our Planetary Logos, and to the even greater Lives in and beyond our solar system.

We know ourselves to be divine, and this is becoming increasingly a universal realisation. Hence the present unrest and revolt from tramelling conditions. It is however a serious waste of time for a disciple to ponder upon a failure or to fear failing. There is no such thing as failure; there can only be loss of time. That in itself is serious in these days of dire world need, but the disciple must inevitably some day make good and retrieve his past failures. I need not point out that we learn by failure, for that is a well known truth, and is known as such by all who are attempting to live as souls. Nor ned the disciple sorrow over the failures, apparent or real, of his fellow disciples. The sense of time produces glamour and disappointment, whereas the work goes truly forward, and a lesson learnt by failure acts as a safeguard for the future. Thus it leads to rapid growth. An honest disciple may be momentarily glamoured, but in the long run nothing can really deter him. What are a few brief years in a comparative cycle of aeons? What is a second of time in a span of man's allotted seventy years? To the individual disciple they appear most important; to the onlooking soul, they seem as nothing at all. For the world perhaps, a temporary failure may connote delay in expected help, but that again is brief, and help will come from other sources, for the Plan goes unerringly forward.
                     - Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic, p 634 (1)

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages

As we close the year 2015 to inaugurate 2016, there are compounding intensities in all realms of the planetary life ~ collective, interpersonal and individual.

We live in a context of manifestation where cycles herald the timetables for growth and expression. Cycles are thereby measures of energies and karma being played out in experience.

Attuning to the Eternal Rhythm of the Ages and of the Sages, we recognize there to be a new and different flow presently available that is greatly affecting consciousness and activity.

To cooperate with the incoming rhythm, we recognize each of us essentially as the Monad. Through this identification, we participate in the Divine Purpose of the One Life we all share, recognizing ultimately and essentially, we are all One and the same.

When we contemplate cycles and alignment, our approach centers in the present moment. What assists in orienting our personal will to Divine Will is to be aware of the energies at play, that are dominating the series of moments being experienced.

The forces affecting any particular moment may be viewed as influences conditioning the quality of life, in time and space.

Applying Wisdom to the situation at hand facilitates the infusion of highest Purpose into whatever environment or situation is present.

Whether this is done in a pristine setting in nature or in the fray of a war zone, what we bring to any given moment can and does affect all Life, through ripples of reverberation.

“We turn from the drama, for they will work it out.”

From our present time perspective, it’s useful to attune to the prevailng impacts as these come into focus, based on the daily, weekly, monthly, annual and extraplanetary influences to which we’re connected.

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(1) pronouns adapted