Festivals of Light

My soul is dressed with beams of light that I may serve as a beacon
to those in the shadows who are seeking vision and spirit.
By bringing Earth closer to heaven, we can all give birth to
the magnificence of our own being. Ours is a journey of
compassion and transformation, by breathing in the moment
we cultivate spiritual well-being and celebrate the miracle of life.

- Micheal Teal

Festivals of Light

Thinking about light in the world, that seems to be darkening. It is the time of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.

Hanukkah lasts 8 days, from December 6th thru the 14th this year. Each day, according to tradition, we light 1 more candle on the 8 branched Menorah, or candle holder. These represent the miracle, of one day’s worth of candle oil, that lasted for 8 days.

There is a great need for Light in our world. There is much anger, fear, violence and danger, not just at our borders, but actually within and all around us.

So can we not respond to this darkness with Light, by being more alive, responsive? They may target our spirit, so we need to let our Souls shine!

In this great tradition we can see the darkness approaching, but in response we light a candle. Let us take better care of each other, give more, help those with less, heal the sick, and nurture communications with all people, everywhere.

In another great religious tradition the Christ illumined us asking us to become the very best we can be ~ "We are the Light, We are the Way"

Let us be candles that Light the Way, bringing a little more light to our lives, to family, to friends, to our communities, and to our world.

Today I am a candle. Will you be one too?

Love and Light,

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A Very Ancient Mantram

The Master said: “I am going to give you today a very ancient mantram which is called The Affirmation of a Disciple. It has been used by disciples in the Masters' Ashrams for thousands of years and is today given out by me to all true disciples; it can now be used by them upon the outer plane and incorporated daily in their meditation."

Artist: Nicholas Roerich


Ancient Mantram


I am a point of light within a greater Light.

I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine.

I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God.

And thus I stand.


I am a way by which men may achieve.

I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand.

I am a beam of light, shining upon their way.

And thus I stand.


And standing thus revolve

And tread this way the ways of men,

And know the ways of God.

And thus I stand.


"This, brother of mine, is the best I can do with words and phrases as I attempt to transcribe into language words so ancient that they antedate both Sanskrit and Senza. But the meaning is clear and that is the point of importance."

-  Discipleship in the New Age-Vol-II, 174/5


Susan Sun / Esoteric Advent / Week 3 December 15