Look Up! ... Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Meteors ~ Spiritual Focus, November 15 - 21

Hello Heavenly Travelers,
November 11, 9:47am PST marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle, which peaks with the November 25 Full Moon and ends December 11, 2:29am PST. The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the Sagittarius Festival Global Meditation.

This lunar cycle provides opportunities for medicinal solar bathing, observing daylight Venus play hide 'n seek with Luna, stellar navigating and meteor viewing. As the cycle unfolds Jupiter, Mars and Venus our predawn planets, form a striking diagonal line-up with Regulus, the brightest star of Leo the Lion, with Spica, the brightest star of Virgo the Virgin and with the waning crescent Moon. Look Up!

Lunar Theme: In the Clutches of the Scorpion "This November 11, 2015 New Moon occurs upon the Scales of Libra, which historically are the Chelae of the Scorpion [Image], specifically conjoining Zubeneschamali, an Arabic star name, which means the northern claw. . . . Also conjoining are the stars forming the neck and head of the Serpent, which is held by Ophiuchus, reaching for the Northern Crown. This New Moon and lunar cycle theme is about claiming our self-mastery by choosing to do things differently so we can claim greater freedom from our past patterns of entrapment." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Ophiuchus the Medicine Man ~ Self-Mastery
Medicinal Solar Bathing ~ Nov. 30-Dec. 17
Daylight Venus Plays Hide 'n Seek ~ Dec. 7

Image: Artist Unknown

Ophiuchus the Medicine Man ~ Self-Mastery

Ophiuchus (off-ee-YOO-cuss) the Serpent Bearer is also known as Aesculapius (pronunciation), the first doctor of medicine, or the Medicine Man. Star Tale

Ophiuchus with his legs standing in the transformative burning ground of Scorpius the Scorpion, raises the coiled serpent toward the Crown in the heavens. Thus, Ophiuchus is reborn, like the snake that sheds its skin or the phoenix that rises from the ashes. Ophiuchus represents the one who gives rise to the evolutionary kundalini serpent fire.

The entire image of Ophiuchus standing upon the scorpion with the snake reaching for the Northern Crown articulates the process of claiming our self-mastery ... to become ascended in vibration as illumined beings free from karmic entrapment. Nick Fiorenza 11/4/02

In addition, this New Moon conjoined with the neck and head stars of the serpent reaching for the Crown, began on 11:11 (November 11). Patricia Cota-Robles speaks to 2015's miraculous time of 11:11, which aligns with the Ophiuchus theme of self-mastery.

This is truly a miraculous time. In September 2015 [Review of Sept. 2015], the Earth was bathed with Celestial Light in frequencies beyond anything Humanity or the Earth have ever been able to safely receive ...

This recalibration of Humanity’s DNA has been instrumental in preparing each and every person on Earth for the influx of Light we will receive on November 11th, 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation from the physical into the Divine. Every year on November 11th millions of Lightworkers around the World focus on the Divine Potential of 11:11 and magnetize this Light into the physical plane of Earth on behalf of Humanity and all Life evolving on this Planet. This year will be the first time we will have the opportunity to experience this Light with our newly recalibrated DNA and unimpeded by the manipulation of our fragmented and fear-based human egos.

- 11:11 Another Opportunity In Our Ascension Process by Patricia Cota-Robles

This lunar cycle is about claiming self-mastery while in the clutches of the Scorpion. When the transformative Scorpion takes hold, welcome the fires of initiation and call forth your Divine Essence. Then, in the Light of your crown chakra and its "well of intuitive knowing", communicate with your spiritual nature. Ask for insight and guidance. Listen. Be born anew on the physical plane of Earth.

Medicinal Solar Bathing ~ Nov. 30-Dec. 17

Each year from November 30 to December 17 the Sun journeys through the southern regions of the constellation Ophiuchus the Medicine Man. As our Sun transits this area of the sky, take time each day to feel its warm rays touching you.

Know that these solar rays are a medicinal elixir imbued with the healing energies and mastery of Ophiuchus. In 2015 they are also steeped with the evolutionary influences of Mercury (11/30 - 12/6) and Saturn (11/30 - 12/17).

Listen. What are these great celestial beings telling you? What must heal? What must die and rise up anew? What must be changed and created personally, nationally and globally to serve the evolution of consciousness and humanity's spiritual development?

Allow Sol, the burning heart of our solar system, to awaken your heart and soul with a cosmic medicinal elixir. Drink up! Soak in the radiant energies! Transform into an open-hearted, soul-infused trailblazer on Earth.

Ophiuchus Our 13th Constellation
Annually Sol Visits Ophiuchus the Medicine Man
November 30 - December 17. The Sun and Ophiuchus
bless us with healing energy. Saturn and Mercury
join in the 2015 visit adding their evolutionary influences.

Daylight Venus Plays Hide 'n Seek ~ Dec. 7

Blazing Venus is so brilliant she can be seen in the daylight hours if you know where and when to look. On Monday, December 7 our Moon, very close to Venus, guides us to the planet in the day sky. Observe the Moon and Venus at dawn and follow the dawn duo into the daylight with your unaided eye. Binoculars can be helpful in spotting Venus just left of the Crescent Moon after sunrise. 12/7 Dawn Map

This Dec. 7 pairing captures the attention of observers because Venus hides (disappears) behind Luna on this day. Technically the Moon occults Venus.

A similar occultation occurred June 18, 2007. Images 1 and 2 show views of Venus and the Moon before and after the 2007 occultation. Note: In 2007 the Moon was in its waxing Crescent phase. In 2015 the Moon is in its opposite waning Crescent phase.

The time when Venus disappears behind the Moon’s sunlit limb depends on your location. The following are accurate to the nearest minute for several cities across the country: Seattle at 7:54 a.m. PST; Los Angeles at 8:04 a.m. PST; Denver at 9:36 a.m. MST; Houston at 11:12 a.m. CST; Chicago at 11:18 a.m. CST; New York at 12:42 p.m. EST; Boston at 12:43 p.m. EST; and Miami at 12:52 p.m. EST. If you want to view the event through a telescope, be sure to set up at least 30 minutes before these times.

- Astronomy Magazine December 2015

Actually, the occultation of Venus will happen virtually all over North America, Central America and the Caribbean. For the most part, though, this occultation will be during the daylight hours on Monday, December 7.

- Source and More Dec. 7 Occultation Info: EarthSky.org

Finding a Planet in the Daytime
A fun 5-min. video about the Dec. 7 occultation of Venus,
which includes Dec. 5-7 dawn sky views and planetary information.


Mark Your Calendar!

- Nov. 13-21 Leonid Meteor Shower - Look East after midnight to dawn.
Best viewing morning of Nov. 18. No meteor storm is expected in 2015.
Fewer meteors appear around midnight, yet rare earthgrazers might be seen.
Jupiter lies near the radiant. 2015 Map
- Dec. 6-18 Geminid Meteor Shower - Look East 9:00pm, high in the South 1:00am.
This is a consistent and prolific shower. Peak night: Dec. 13/14 or perhaps 14/15 in 2015
Dec. 11/12 to 14/15 Geminid meteors all weekend long!

Moon ... Night and Morning
The Moon's Phases help us grow in consciousness.
Where's the Moon tonight? Can you see it in the daylight sky?
Can you name its phase when you see it?
- Nov. 24-26 Moon/Pleaides/Aldebaran Map
- Nov. 25 Full Moon Meditation
- Nov. 27-28 Moon in Gemini, near Castor and Pollux
Includes other information and several maps.
- See Morning Planets below for December's Lunar action.

Morning Planets ... Jupiter, Mars, Venus
- Mid-November – 30 minutes before sunrise, looking southeast
(Venus approaches Porrima a dim star in Virgo the Virgin.)
- Late November – 30 minutes before sunrise, looking southeast
(Mars is near dim Porrima, Venus is near bright Spica)
- Dec. 1 Jupiter, Mars/Porrima, Venus/Spica Map
- Dec. 2-4 Moon, Regulus, Jupiter Map
- Dec. 4-7 Moon, Morning Planets
- Dec. 7 Daylight Venus Plays Hide 'n Seek with Luna. Review above article.
Note: Mercury and Saturn are too close to the Sun to be seen now.

Stellar Navigation ... Any Night
Use this Autumn Stars Map for your night sky traveling.
The stars highest above the horizon mid-evening are the stars of the season.
- The Summer Triangle is slowly sinking in the west giving way to the autumn stars overhead. Altair is the triangle's southern point, Deneb the eastern and Vega the northwestern point. Can you spot Delphinus the Dolphin southeast of Altair? See The Summer Triangle to learn more.
- The Great Square of Pegasus is a sure sign of autumn. Look for the four stars almost overhead as night begins. Navigate with Pegasus and Cassiopeia to locate Andromeda: Autumn Dipper? A Flying Horse? Time Traveling?
- Fomalhaut, the solitary bright Southern Royal Star, can be seen due south, in the dark faint ocean of stars mid-Nov.7pm; mid-Dec. 5pm. Use the Great Square of Pegasus to find Fomalhaut. Fomalhaut/Pegasus Map.
- Big Dipper: Sky Bear comes to Earth on November evenings
- The Pleiades star cluster is another sign of autumn. Look east as the Sun sets for Taurus the Bull and its bright red Bull's eye, Aldebaran; then look a little west to find the mini dipper-shaped, sparkling Pleiades, the Bull's shoulder. November is the month of the Pleiades star cluster.
- Capella is the bright star in the northeast. Capella is the brightest star seen the most often.
- Milky Way November's Milky Way Map ~ December's Milky Way Map
December's First Two Weeks
- Orion the Hunter heralds the coming of winter during the first two weeks of December.
Navigating with Orion


The Planets
- Night Sky Info ... finder charts and info on each planet.
- The Planets in Esoteric Astrology ... scroll 1/2 way down

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.
Sunrise Sunset Calculator

Charting the Heavens
EarthSky Tonight ... nightly highlights/maps
This Week's Sky at a Glance ... weekly highlights/maps


This lunar cycle, which takes place during the seasonal sign of Sagittarius, peaks with the November 25 Full Moon and ends December 11. Nick Fiorenza informs us that this New Moon and it's lunar cycle theme "is about claiming our self-mastery by choosing to do things differently so we can claim greater freedom from our past patterns of entrapment." Welcome the fires of initiation. Raise the kundalini serpent to its Northern Crown. Be reborn in heaven's Light. See the vision and know the Way to go!

We see before us a path of light. The path leads to a center of light ~ in this place and space we sense our identification with the Divine Plan and Purpose.

We experience ... fusion ... synthesis ... at-one-ment. The greatest good for the whole is our goal.

Gone are me or you.
We are the way true.
Seeking the connection,
Finding our direction.

- Excerpt: 2015 Sagittarius Festival Global Meditation

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the 2015 Sagittarius Festival Global Meditation.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky