The Sacredness of Matter ~ Spiritual Focus for August 30 - September 5

Hercules Virgo

Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this turn of the spiral;
and soul is the vehicle on a higher turn of the spiral for the manifestation of spirit,
and these three are a trinity synthesised by Life which pervades them all.

- H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

Legendary Journeys of Hercules ~ Virgo

The Hercules Labors are near and dear in the hearts of those who tread the Lighted Way. In some manner, during the annual cycle we are each given the opportunity to apply the lessons of the zodiacal Labor associated with the presently influencing sign, moving through all 12 zodiacal deities as they are focused into the Light of the sun as it passes in front of each constellation in turn, every month.

The task in Virgo, Seizing the Girdle of Hippolyte, gives Hercules range of both poles of the spectrum of experience ~ from the worst kind of failure through domination by the unconscious, unmanaged persona … all the way to atonement based on worthy conscious activity.

Hercules both slays the queen of the Amazons when she is actually offering to help him, then he later redeems himself by liberating the maiden in distress who had been swallowed by the sea monster.

From this very redemption emerges the seed, that which is to be born into matter of the purity of spirit and action, united together. Implicit in the Virgo experience is the integration of pairs of opposite that necessarily impregnates matter. The importance of Virgo on the Initiatory Journey is as the essential doorway that will sooner or later bring the seed to fruition.

The Light of Virgo is described as “the blended dual Light” in which “Two lights are seen ~ bright and strong, the light of form; one faint and dim, the light of God. This light is distinguished by a waxing of one and the waning of the other.” (1)

The dualistic Light of Virgo is exemplified by the Virgo labor, in which Hercules both fails miserably and then rises to redeem himself. This serves as a great lesson for us all.

Learning from mistakes, we garner the facility to discern between good and evil and in so doing we develop our consciousness, eventually becoming wise. Such wisdom comes only from experience in the school of life.

Three outstanding qualities of Virgo are products of the wise love Virgo portends ~ Tolerance, Virtue, and Compassion. Applying these energies imbues synthesis toward facing any bipolar situation or point of view.

We absorb the Virgo Light as it unites substance and spirit. In this sublime light the Divine feminine nurtures the Christ within ~ the Hope of Glory.

The eye of any storm encountered allows us to find the still quiet in which we're able hear clearly, to blend the outer form together with the Life within.

In its highest expression, the blended light of Virgo is the Holy Grail, filled with the Christ light ~ Life itself. We endeavor to bring this life into our world.

... the right control of prana involves the recognition that energy is the sum total of existence and of manifestation, and that the three lower bodies are energy bodies, each forming a vehicle for the higher type of energy and being themselves transmitters of energy. The energies of the lower man are energies of the third aspect, the Holy Ghost or Brahma aspect. The energy of the spiritual man is that of the second aspect, the Christ force, or buddhi. The object of evolution in the human family is to bring this Christ force, the principle of buddhi, into full manifestation upon the physical plane and this through the utilization of the lower triple sheath. This triple sheath is the Holy Grail, the cup which is the receiver and container of the life of God.
                       - Alice A. Bailey, The Light of the Soul

Wherever there is pain and suffering, we radiate light. In doing so, we bring a nurturing love that unifies and grows.

Virgo ~ the Virgin ~ symbolizes the form nature. Under the auspices of Virgo, Soul and body are united, and we're told they are of great importance to each other: "... matter guards, cherishes and nurtures the hidden soul." (2)

It is here, in Virgo, that the intentional impregnation of form by spirit occurs. Informing substance, the Divine seed germinates in Virgo. Through our work with the matter aspect, the end result is the Sacred Form ~ ultimately, the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

... Virgo (the mother or custodian of the Christ-consciousness) ... shatters eventually the synthesis and the lower unity ... it stimulates the soul within the form ... because the genius and uniqueness of Virgo is that it produces the form as well as stimulates the life within that form and, therefore, nourishes and energises two lives simultaneously. It is a powerful dual energy, a potent expression of the anima mundi or the soul of the world.
          - Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

The resulting wise action, in concert with that of all the other light workers, sooner or later will end suffering and bring about our Divine Destiny ~ Heaven on Earth.

May the Love of God unite us all, in the Life we all share.

We are a spark of the One Divine Flame
Spirit expressing through the Soul,
Radiating through our minds, hearts, and intelligent actions,
Bringing Light and Love to All Life on Earth.
May the Will to Good give us
The Power to Prevail!

Hercules in the 21st Century ~ Virgo Labor
Hernando C. Kulez and the Earth Mamos

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(3) Nancy Connally