And Create a Portal of Welcoming Heart


Fires rage below

Calming waters above;


Water below that overwhelms;

Spirit above that clears.


Gladrielle came with a message:

The boat is in neither one ONLY;

It is in both AT ONCE.

Uniting Above and Below

Uniting Masculine and Feminine.


Direction by the Even Keel

Functioning without fanfare or drama;

A secret of the boat that reaches its destination.

Those who look above or below will not find it.


No more wars between the dualities.

No need to overpower or destroy.




On this New Earth.



That say “I am both this and that”

Water AND Light


Masculine AND Feminine.


Rainbows as a WARNING:

Remember what happens when you use human “power” to separate

What is ONE.


A warning that is given as a beautiful sight;

To REMIND us that we do have the ability.

"Kundalini connects the Spirit and the Blood".


rather than to put us in fear & paralysis with horrific images.


                                                       A gift of compassion & bliss.