Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival ~ Audio ~ Spiritual Focus

The Lords of Karma on our system are under the rule of a greater
Lord of Karma on Sirius. We are governed by the Sirian Lord of Karma.

- Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Sirius~Leo 2018 Cosmic Festival ~ Meditation ~ Audio
Full moon exact time ~ Friday, July 27 ~ 1:20 pm PDT / 20:20 UT

Invocation & Evocation ~ Our Participation in the Purpose

For the Festival full moon phase, we open our hearts and focus our minds to create the channel for Sirian energy to flow. Our global Heart sends out Humanity's invocative appeal.

This pulse of energy reaches the very heart of the Hierarchy, who respond with an altogether greater wave of energy that reaches the Heart of the Sun. The great Heart of the Sun sends out a wave that reaches all the way to the star Sirius.

The channel is established, Sirius responds to our invocation with a great evocative impulse. Pure love flows forth from Sirius.

This energy from Sirius brings to each of our hearts and minds an awareness that our planetary Purpose is related to the revelation of Love here on our planet.

Our Divine Destiny ~ Principle of Directed Purpose

We take time to be one with the energy as it fills us. We sense its powerful effect on us, our planet, our solar system. Furthermore, we sense humanity's Oneness with this great and potent star ~ illumined, brilliant, and empowered.

It speaks to us, of how we're to work towards this goal. We discern the truth of this great work, our true purpose. This will change our world, and far beyond, reaching the stars ~ Heart to Heart to Heart.

Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival ~ Meditation ~ Audio

Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages

We link up now with people of goodwill everywhere, creating a united group channel through which the spiritual forces can become available.

Affirming this channel, "We stand poised, united as one soul with our Spiritual Hierarchy." We hold the focus.

This alignment we make with the Spiritual Hierarchy creates a unity between humans in physical form and the Great Ones in Spirit. The Light of the Soul is sensed and embodied.

We rise as One, seeking the light. In response, the great gateway of Leo swings open wide and the inflowing light pours into and through us.

The beneficent Light of Leo lifts us higher, and we're bathed now also in the liberating light of the great star Sirius. We are divinely enlivened by this amazing Love.

As we continue the spiritual work, we know Sirius to be an ever greater influence in our world. Our service calls us to respond to these potent cosmic vibrations.

The present Sirius Festival aligns the One Heart ~ the One Soul ~ and the One Life. We sense the unique relationship of Sirius and the Earth.

From Sirius, the energy of Love~Wisdom flows through our Spiritual Kingdom ~ and to us, Humanity. This Sirian energy pours through our Hierarchy and into our receptive vehicles, enabling us to tread the Path of Purification and Liberation.

How shall we facilitate this great Transformation? Our method is Invocation and Evocation.

The Divine Blessings come through Transmission ~ Reception ~ Absorption ~ Relation ~ and Living Activity.

We now take the time to consider our method ... and each step of our process ... so we may fully comprehend and demonstrate these in our world.

We let go and invite the Divine to guide our steps.

This Service Expression is our Way. We are the Light that illumines the Path ahead.

Sirian energies are stepped down to us. And we now step up to meet them.

We seek purification in our expression.

Love guides us.

We are agents of great change.

We can ~ and will ~ effectively bring the change so needed in our world. In this activity, we step ever closer to our Divine Destiny.

The Sirian energy is with us, night and day.
We are now becoming the Light and the Way.

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