Laniakea ~ Amitābha Buddha's Lighted House and PRESENCE


The Earth Logos shares the life of our Solar Logos, who ensouls the whole solar system. In turn the Solar Logos shares the life of a greater Logos whose “physical body” ... is one corner of the Milky Way Galaxy encompassing the star Sirius, the constellations of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, our solar system, and no doubt other star systems. Beyond that “cosmic Logos” there must be a succession of even greater Logoi, until we come to that Being—awesome and powerful beyond imagination—who ensouls the Supercluster Laniakea. - Christianity and Esoterocism Community (1)

From the Womb of Virgo and Horn of the Azure Dragon

Spica's Seed has Blossomed into LOTUS LANDS upon the Earth

through the Transformative Feathered Starry Triangle....


Joy and Awe Surface


of Ho'oponopono Love


Amitābha Buddha



Amitābha Buddah...of Immeasurable Light and Life

accessible from WITHIN !!!

Amitābha Buddah....with an ANJA SIRIUS LIGHTHOUSE 

sending Searing Rays of  WISE AND COMPASSIONATE Tenderness

to PLUTO's Darkest Depths,

and the Earth's still Hellish Places....

Descending with Heavenly Host to Bring Redemption

through Compassion's ETHERIC Wings....



Descending with us in Celestial Strains of Music from GAIA's Vulture's Peak

Light Stirrling the TURTLE'S HARP of One World Soul....


Amitabha Buddha’s body is of golden hue, 
His fine marks radiant beyond compare. 
His white light is as high as five Mount Sumerus, 
His purple eyes as clear and vast as four great seas.

 Countless transformation Buddhas appear within the light, 
With transformation Bodhisattvas, also limitless. 
His forty-eight vows take living beings across; 
In nine grades of lotuses they ascend to the other shore. (2)




the Purifying Light and Essence of the Universal Buddhi Presence

Soaring from the Geneva Holy Grail.....


showering AMITRA's DROPS of "Lighted" Wisdom 

Through the Chalice Cup's Living   S P A C E    of GRACE.


Fifth Ray Blessings Upon Amitābha Buddah's Sacred Heart

That which has been given must be used;  that which emerges from within the given mode will find its place within the healer's plan.  That which is hidden must be seen and from the three, great knowledge will emerge.  For these the healer seeks.  To these the healer adds the two which are as one, and so the fifth must play its part and the five must play it's part and the five must function as if one.  The energies descend, pass through and disappear, leaving the one who could respond with karma yet to dissipate and taking with  him who may not thus respond and so must likewise disappear. (3)





The Base AND Head Centre as Ouroborus of

Malchut and Keter

With the Tenderness and Mercy of Lanikea's LIVING CELESTIAL Buddha

of Immeasurable Light and Life.


Compassionate Dorje Blessing of A Celestial ONE

Let the dynamic force which rules the hearts of all within Shamballla come to my aid, for I am worthy of that aid.  Let it descend unto the third, pass to the fith and focus on the seventh.  These words mean not what doth at sight appear.  The third, the fifth, the seventh lie within the first and come from out of the Central Sun of spiritual livingness.  The highest then awakens within the one who knows and within the one who must be healed and thus the two are one.  This is mystery deep.  The blending of the healing force effects the work desired; it may bring death, that great release, and re-establish thus the fifth, the third, the first, but not the seventh. (4)

Namo Amitābha




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