A Lighted House

Lighted Earth

First of all forget all nationalities, and apprehend the fact that the consciousness is
developed by perfecting the invisible centers. Some await a Messiah for a single nation,
but this is ignorant; for evolution of the planet can be only on a planetary scale.
Precisely, the manifestation of universality must be assimilated.
Only one blood flows, and the external world will no
more be divided into races of primitive formation.

               - Agni Yoga, New Era Community, 71

Look Up! ... 2 Great Suns and 2 Great Planets Embrace
Celestial events during this Cancer lunar cycle

As we begin to contemplate the energy of the constellation Cancer and to build our own “Lighted Houses”, for individuals and groups, we find it necessary to eliminate from our energetic fields all that might hinder the Higher Energies from working through us.

In building our own lighted houses and those of our groups, we assist in the process of building the Lighted House of Planet Earth. Our earthly home is in process of becoming a sacred planet, in order to be of better service and use to the Whole. As parts of this planetary existence, our cooperation is vital to the transformation of our planetary home and all its kingdoms of nature.

If we are willing to make the needed sacrifices, eventually Humanity’s Cosmic Destiny will be realized ~ to become a Station of Light on this planet. And thereby, part of Solar Purpose and Cosmic Purpose will also be served. Yet it is precisely the consciousness of humanity that determines whether or not this destiny is to be realized. Therefore, spreading the Good News that we are all identified with each other, with all Life on the planet and with the Whole of Existence is paramount for the work to go forward.

In the largest sense, the One Life is building the ultimate Lighted House that consists of all manifested existence. We truly are citizens of the Universe. But consciousness doesn’t change because of pronouncement alone. Humanity has been and is taking initiation.

Until or unless a new structure of thought becomes part of mass awareness, the natural tendency of those humans having a spiritual experiences will be to believe those experiences occurred as a unique result of a particular religion, philosophy or Teacher, rather than understanding that spiritual experiences and expansions of consciousness are Universal. The evolutionary process of both form and consciousness can be outlined for humanity to detail the various expansions or initiations upon the Way.

The Soul of Divinity is manifesting through the human kingdom. There is only ONE Soul and those who have established a connection with the Soul to some degree or other then perfectly understand those of similar attainment in terms of wisdom, though perhaps will still remain separated by the dogma, terms, rules, etc. of a particular set of beliefs.

Ashramic members are cooperating with and learn from each other via the internet and other modern communication methods. A tremendous vehicle from all parts of the world has come together for the use of Hierarchy in furthering the Purpose of Shamballa.

When we recognize that each Ashram is also a centre within the planetary body, created to bring to perfect expression some one Ray expression, we can see that the admixture of energies only adds greater power for all of us. The interconnectedness of all Light Workers around the planet is strengthened every day and the network of Light encircles our beloved Planet to assist in reaching our destined expression.

Our Cosmic Origins and Earthly Destiny

As members of individual ashrams, we are helping to bring to perfect expression some one principle or quality into the planetary life. We know that at the core of every ashram lies the same Purpose ~ we are all engaged in the same work of bringing to manifestation the plans and eventual fruition of Purpose of Shamballa.

There will come in the future for All a blending of the Lights or centers, either in an individual person, a planetary life or solar system, and beyond. We are therefore united in a most sacred endeavor, and that thought alone should completely do away with any feelings of being separated from one another or any part of the planetary life. When put into the context of the Whole, no matter what are our individual specialties or interests, we are all here to Serve the Will and Purpose of the Lord of the World.

We are told that Identification with the Whole is the next step for the personalities of the human race. The penetration of synthetic thinking into the planetary life will affect those energies on the mental, astral and physical planes, and is an important element in the creation of the new civilization.

This civilization will bring forth the "seed thought" or "key sound" of the next revelation of the Ageless Wisdom ... the Unity of the One Life and the intimate connection the Soul of Humanity has with solar and cosmic sources. The perceptions of the ancients will be revived and proven by the discoveries of modern science for the intelligent minds of the fifth root race ~ uniting both Love and Knowledge through the use of the Will.

Each initiation enhances the sensitiveness of the spirit. The collective goal for this fifth root race is the Third Initiation of Transfiguration.

The greatest problem facing aspirants and disciples prior to the third initiation is that of comprehending the nature of identification. This concerns (in the first instance) the relation of the self to the Self and of all selves to the all-inclusive SELF. It involves the mystery of duality with which they are occupied, and the very moment that theory as to essential unity becomes definite realisation, then the realm of synthesis is entered.
              - Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations, p. 172

Master M. tells us that in each moment man either creates or destroys. (1) The greatest hope of the world lies in the possibilities of All being incessantly reborn and renewed at every moment. The path is clear, our abilities are increased by our interaction with each other. The door stands open if our wills are strong enough to carry us through.

The action of the magnet at a distance is conditioned by receptivity; hence, the sensitiveness of the spirit is most important. Of course, a powerful magnet can overcome inertia, but the dissipation of power is great. Hence, sensitiveness of receptivity aids evolution, and an inert spirit retards it. With sensitiveness of receptivity, the power of the magnet can act at enormous distance.
              - Agni Yoga, Infinity II, 87

The Chalice
Building the Lighted House

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(1) Agni Yoga, Aum, 141 ~
Each instant man either creates or destroys. The world is filled with conflicting thoughts. A multitude of illnesses have been implanted by thoughts of destruction. A great number of murders take place at long distances from thoughts or from intersecting thoughts, but it is almost impossible to make man realize that his pre-eminence lies in continuous thinking. It is impossible to impress upon man how responsible he is for the quality of his thinking. The heart beats unceasingly, equally incessant is the pulse of thought. But it is not customary to talk about this.
    Man either creates or destroys.