Look Up! ... 2 Great Suns and 2 Great Planets Embrace

Hello Heavenly Travelers,
June 16, 7:05am PDT marked the beginning of a lunar cycle chock full of potent celestial alignments. This cycle peaks June 30-July 1/2 with the eagerly awaited June 30/July 1 embrace of 2 great planets, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction  and with the July 1/2 Full Moon. The lunar cycle ends July 15, 6:24 pm PDT.

Those living in both the Northern (summer) and Southern (winter) Hemispheres are celebrating the rhythm of Life-giving Light that our central luminary brings to our planet. They are also strengthening the Light Grid of planet Earth by participating in June's solstice meditations June 20-21.

Forces from 2 great Suns, Sirius our spiritual Sun and Sol the central luminary of our physical solar system, unite in a heavenly embrace for our freedom and liberation during this entire lunar cycle. Their combined radiant emanations shower us with Life and awaken us to the Spirit that governs our evolution. To learn more see Dog Days and Fourth of July ~ Holiday and Holy Day.

Note: Mars is also part of the Great Suns' solar embrace! Mars was in exact conjunction with Sol June 14 and in conjunction with the New Moon June 16. Mars remains hidden in Sol's glaring embrace during this lunar cycle. Nick Fiorenza says, "There is a tremendous emphasis on Mars throughout this lunar month." See Nick's Lunar Theme below.

Lunar Theme: Creative Initiative & the Horns of the Bull "Our June 16, 2015 New Moon conjoins Mars ... the alignment is Mars-Sun-Moon-Earth-Pallas-Pholus-Ixion-Quaoar. The Mars-New Moon ... conjoins the South Horn of the Bull ... Alignments with the Horns ask us to discern the difference between causes of worthy pursuit verses those driven from antiquated motive. The conjoining stars of Orion ... [plus] Mars with the New Moon ... can intensify world affairs ... can also impel audacious brave creative action and strong leadership ... [which] claim greater personal self-empowerment ... " Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Cancer Festival Global Meditation.

Dazzle Your Heart and Soul ~ Look Up!
See 2 Great Planets, Young Luna and
the Heart of Leo the Lion
Witness Blazing Venus and Brilliant Jupiter in An
Embrace During Luna's Nearly Full Phase June 30/July 1

Image: Sky and Telescope

Enjoy the view late into the night.
The Venus-Jupiter duo set around 11:15pm
Approximate Moonsets: 10:50pm, 11:25pm, Midnight
Look for earthshine. Use binoculars for a lunar treat.
Sunrise/Sunset Calculator ~ Rise/Set/Times ~ Major Bodies

The waxing Crescent Moon brings up obstacles from the past that can impede the new incoming energies and one's growth in consciousness. The work to overcome these obstacles begins with this lunar phase.

Venus and Jupiter

Blazing Venus is bright enough to see in the west at twilight. How early will you see this glorious planet? Brilliant Jupiter pops into view as the sky darkens. Look Up! By 11:15pm the planetary pair slip out of sight below the horizon.

Watch the dazzling duo nightly and you'll see them moving closer and closer to each other. The evening of Tuesday, June 30, (night before the Full Moon) see the 2 great planets embrace in the western sky after sunset. Map/Text Venus and Jupiter are in exact conjunction Wednesday, July 1, 0:51am PDT (07:51 UT). The Full Moon is exact less than 7 hours later Wednesday, July 1, 7:22pm PDT (02:22 UT July 2)

Jupiter dims as the days and weeks unfold. Venus gets brighter and brighter reaching its greatest brilliancy in the evening sky July 9. Learn more here. The difference in the brightness of Venus is indiscernible to observers all of July.

As you enjoy this heavenly planetary pair, be receptive to their emanating qualities.

Venus brings the Love Principle to our lives, harmonizing humanity with the gifts of understanding, love-wisdom, unity, creativity and beauty.

It is said that Jupiter transmits cosmic forces into our solar system, expanding our hearts and minds. Jupiter bridges, fuses and blends, freeing us from duality. This giant beneficent planet brings out the best in all, producing wisdom and the externalization of the Divine Plan in our solar system.

Take time to ask these great planetary beings for help. They assist in freeing the Spirit from subservience to the form. They unite Spirit and form into an integrative synthesis, a Divine One.

Leo the Lion, the Sun, Regulus and Sirius

When the sky darkens, Leo the Lion is impressive above the sunset horizon. A backward question mark of stars curves up from Regulus, Leo's brightest star and heart star, representing the Lion's chest, majestic mane and head. A triangle of stars forms Leo's hindquarters.

The 2 Great Suns, Sirius and Sol our central luminary, are profoundly linked to Leo the Lion.

Solar fire comes from Leo the Lion, for the Sun rules Leo exoterically, esoterically and hierarchically. This fire is associated with soul consciousness, the fire of higher mind. Leo’s eternal flame burns within us, purifying the lower mind. Its highest expression is the fully integrated personality who stands out from the "herd". It is the Self who is ignited by the fire of Divine Will and filled with the inspiration of heaven, the human who has become the "five-pointed star”. Five

Regulus, the Lion-Hearted Lawgiver, focuses the evolutionary energies of Sirius toward Earth and acts as a regulator for these liberating emanations. According to ancient teachings, the concept of freedom resides in human consciousness because of the influence of Sirius. The consciousness on Sirius governs humanity's expanding initiations in its evolution to membership in the Spiritual Kingdom. Regulus and Sirius are intimately linked in creating a Spiritual Kingdom on Earth.

It is auspicious that the conjunction of the 2 Great Suns and the conjunction of 2 great planets, Venus and Jupiter, occur during this lunar cycle and that they are keenly intertwined by the shifting alignments of Venus and Jupiter with Regulus of Leo the Lion! These heavenly dances have the Five potential of twisting humanity's horizontal dance on the physical plane to the spinning, spiral, spiritually transformative vertical dance of the soul-infused human who has become a "five-pointed star” on Earth.

Leo the Lion, Jupiter, Venus

Leo aligns humanity with the Law of the Soul, the Spiritual Law, and therefore with our essential divinity, the True Self, the expression of the Christ consciousness and the quality known as love-wisdom.

All through this lunar cycle Venus and Jupiter are in a variety of shifting and humanity-awakening alignments with Leo the Lion and specifically Regulus, the regulator for the evolutionary and spiritually liberating emanations of Sirius.

In co-operation, Venus the goddess of love, Jupiter the one who expands our heart and mind, and the cosmic Lion prepare us to work with the will of Deity by bringing forth the liberating Law of the Soul.

Venus and Leo help reveal the hidden spiritual potential within all aspects of human relations. Venus and Leo increase opportunities for the creative spirit in action to show itself.

Jupiter and Leo impart kindness, courage, intuitive perception into the ~heart of the matter~. Jupiter and Leo urge one to expand the awareness of the Spiritual Presence in the environment and in the physical body. This brings a strong sense of joy into the life.

Regulus and Venus and Jupiter are fully risen by late morning during this lunar cycle. Though you may not see these celestial bodies during the daylight hours, know that their evolutionary, harmonizing and expansive emanations are shining down upon everyone all day long. Consciously open to the gifts they offer humanity while taking in the Light of the day!


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Use this link to find exact times for the
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This lunar cycle, which peaks June 30-July 1/2 and ends July 15 is an auspicious one. The potent entanglement of 2 Great Suns, 2 great planets, Venus and Jupiter, and a cosmic Lion showers us with radiant emanations that awaken us to Life and to the Spirit that governs our evolution and spiritual liberation.

Nick Fiorenza reminds us that Mars hidden in the solar mix of this lunar cycle "can intensify world affairs ... impel audacious brave creative action and strong leadership ... claim greater personal self-empowerment."

Be receptive to the energies influencing our evolution now. Humanity's heavenly potential of becoming the "five-pointed star" dancing on Earth is powerfully enlivened during this lunar cycle.

In this sacred place and space, the Divine breathes Life into us. Spirit lives, the Soul awakens, and our form, built to follow Divine direction, comes more fully alive.

We are the Light, we are ever more truly becoming the Way.

- 2015 Cancer Festival Global Meditation

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the 2015 Cancer Festival Global Meditation. Join with others in meditation and strengthen the Light Grid of planet Earth.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky

Healing of the Nations: Diamond Quilting

Argentina's Flag Day



Dearest Earth...Science has revealed to us your Soul's Sacred Song...

it Also reveals to us, HUMANITIES "Discharge" into Space...

I Love you.  I'm Sorry.  Please Forgive me.  Thank you.






intentions set to let go of the suffering memories and build on the ones of Light....

are manifesting as the Memories of the Moments

when that Inner Knowing and Magnificence

was at Play,


to One Life and Plan.

Always that Feathered and Cloaked Presence of Myriads of Etheric

Tendrils that connect one to an




HOLY SPIRIT, Breathe Through our Mater and Interstatial Places




the Torus Blue Energies of Lotus Light.

 LIFT us through the Feathered Triangle....

the "Summer Lands".............


Balance the Sacred Heart and Feather Scales...


Let us gather WORD's Invocations of our Journey,

Weaving our Symphonies.... 

 Our Notes chording ....


Soaring Tower and Ascended ONE.









Blessed sister, holy mother, spirit of the fountain, spirit of the garden,
Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehood
Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still
Even among these rocks,
Our peace in His will
And even among these rocks
Sister, mother
And spirit of the river, spirit of the sea,
Suffer me not to be separated
And let my cry come unto Thee.

T.S Eliot, “Ash Wednesday”





Jack's "Sentry":  http://www.souledout.org/wecyclewisdom/node/444



 Sirus*Present Time Events:...All LIVING WORD is ETERNAL NOW....




Date with Destiny

The Fellowship of the Universe:
Our Humanity has a Planetary, Solar and Cosmic Task!

"There are different words in different traditions to explain the various stages of spiritual unfoldment. But humanity en masse is now on its way! So many of our Earth’s humanity now have entered The Path that leads back to The Beginning ... no matter what vehicle is chosen, what teaching, religion, philosophy, or just listening to the Heart and developing the mind.

The Heart is connected with the plane of Buddhi, where true intuitional wisdom is found ... called “straight knowledge” in some traditions. It is the “knowinge” of things without using the intellect to try and explain it ... it is Pure Reason.
Of course, even those who have access to that type of consciousness called Pure Reason also must have developed minds in order to express and share the spiritual intuitions that are received. Once anyone has developed this Pure Reason, no matter what background or tradition they come from, they will speak the same language of the heart and will all understand one another.
Most disciples already have developed minds, but for the masses of humanity who are taking or will take the first and second initiations, and later in this root race the third initiation, developing the mind is a necessary step along the Way.
Nothing seems to develop the mind quite like the 5th Ray of science, and fortunately for the human race, the latest discoveries in science prove and have been made widely available the truth of the “essential unity underlying all existence”.
What disciples can demonstrate ~ and are demonstrating ~ is that this Unity in expression is based on Spiritual Love, which is part of our existence. We love that which we are attached to, whether it be our families, our communities, nations, the Earth, the Sun or the Cosmos ... but only “cosmic love” encompasses All without exclusion of anyone or anything.
Humanity is destined to be the Planetary Light Bearer and eventually to receive and transmit Cosmic Energy throughout the seven solar systems connected with our part of Cosmos."
Nancy Connally

The Great Invocation in Light of Wesak ~ GoodWill Safeguarding 

When that Plan is sensed, there comes the realisation of the unity of all beings,
of the synthesis of world evolution and of the unity of the divine objective.
All life and all forms are seen then in their true perspective;
a right sense of values and of time then eventuates. When the
Plan is truly intuited and at first hand, then constructive
effort becomes inevitable and there is no lost motion.

- Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age I p. 25


"....Due to the limitations of our human equipment, it is only through our relatively limited perception of the Divine Plan that we’re able to participate in the essential Purpose of Divinity, perhaps even to cognize the true Purpose.

Yet each year at Wesak, we’re given a further glimpse that helps to synthesize our understanding of this most mysterious Purpose of the Life aspect of Divinity.

Thus it is our Wesak task to decipher and comprehend the annual Wesak infusion following each year’s Festival, and our acceptance of the Forces of Enlightenment in the act of holding these in trust for later distribution at the full moon during Gemini, The Festival of Humanity

From the Center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it Seal the Door where Evil Dwells.

Humanity is the bridge between the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms and the corresponding spiritual realms of the planetary and cosmic hierarchies. In our ongoing service to purify and cleanse the material out of which our equipment is derived, we are responsible for making sacred the substance we’re comprised of and that we utilize.

Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth
Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth
Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Planet Earth

It is through the Light brought by the Buddha, the Love on the part of all participating in the Wesak ceremony, and the Power of Divine Will that we can be assured of the restoration of the Plan on Earth."


The Addams Family ~ Tarot via Susenisha
7 Chariot: Their old hearse
8 Justice: Marie Antoinette, Wednesday’s headless doll
5 Hierophant: Lurch  ~_~

"We see the 3 Great Spiritual Festivals as equilateral sides of a great Spiritual Triangle, each side being equally important ~

The Festival of the Risen One ~ We Rise
The Festival of Wesak ~ We Know
The Festival of Goodwill ~ We Serve

We ask you to affirm with us the Festival of Goodwill ~ when the Buddha's Blessing delivered at the Wesak, entrusted then to the Christ, is now freely given to all ~ bringing the much needed energy to help with all the challenging forces existing in our world today.

We see this work ~ the conscious celebration each year of the 3 Great Spiritual Festivals ~ is building an illumined, triangular doorway ~ which we, as Humanity, are ready to step through in order to bring about the Age of Aquarius.


We Rise
We Know
We Serve"





It seems then we can reach for our Highest Dreams....

Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

Where your Heart is there is your Treasure Also.






"Thus the aged Vainamoinen

With his singing wrought a fir tree,

Red with cones the Crown he fashioned,

Made a Tree with golden branches,

Up into the sky he pushed it,

through the clouds the crown he lifted.

Branches filled the airy acres

Spread across the arc of heaven.


Then upon the golden tree~top

On the Summit of the fir tree,

Made the moon to shine there brightly,

Sang the Gret Bear on the Branches."


rune 10: lines 31 - 42





 This EARTH is DIVINE Body.







…wait no more...









(1) original Scriptures threaded together by Elias Lonnrot....who has a Star named after him...~_~

Makinen, Kirsti and Pirkko ~ Liisa Surojegin, translated by Kaarina Brooks,The Kalevala:Tales of Magic and Adventure,

"Simply Read Books, Finnish Literature exchange and The Canada Council for the arts, the Bc Arts Council and Gvt. of Canada