New Beginnings Dawn ~ Week of March 16 – 22


Only the dawn is with us as yet ~ the dawn of the Aquarian Age.
The full tide of light is inevitably moving upon its way towards us.

          - Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and The Initiations

Sea of Fire Meditation ~ Audio

The theme of new beginnings is upon us. The monthly lunar cycle begins anew this week on the same day the new spiritual year commences, on the vernal equinox, March 20.

The spring equinox is also the reckoning point as to which 2150-year zodiacal age is presently influencing all life on earth, for it is the constellation that rises behind the sun at dawn on this day each year which determines that designation.

So at dawn on the morning of March 20, the constellation Pisces will be behind the rising sun, as it has been annually since 100 B.C. And, while the precession of the equinoxes slowly transitions through the same rising constellation over the two millennium period, each year the alignment of the sun with the zodiacal ecliptic has advanced backward along this line through the constellation Pisces until reaching its current point, aligned to the early degree of Pisces and apparently moving each cycle a wee bit closer to the constellation Aquarius.

This phase of the transition from Pisces rising at dawn on the spring equinox to Aquarius behind the sun on this day, therefore, is heralded as the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

As Watchers of the Dawn, we Light workers are called to wield the incoming forces by aligning with and directing the inflow of energies in order to reveal the Synthesis of Life Itself.

There’s a traditional saying, “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.” And in this statement we can derive our call to service in the three worlds of expression ~ physical, astral~emotional, and mental.

For, as we are told, “the disciple works in the dark”.

This truth can be observed on more than one level. Because the disciple or Light worker endeavors to serve what is aligned in the present moment, the outcome of any given process may be veiled and remain unknown until it is reached.

Another way we work in the dark is simply by living in the material world. For matter is inherently considered to be dark, whereas the true reality of spirit is relatively Light, in comparison. Our service is to bring consciousness or Love into the realm of form existence, which is why the term Light worker is so very apt.

And because the human initiatory journey brings us to face off with the Dweller on the Threshold, our task is to meet up with the Dweller and to integrate the pair of apparent opposites in our imposition of Light into the veils of any illusion of darkness.

As is stated in last week’s WeCycleWisdom meditation focus for the week, "May It Seal the Door" ~

We could say that Deity created humanity in its own image so that it could penetrate lower into its material manifestation. When the Spirit or human monad left the Father’s House and descended into densest matter ~ in order to eventually redeem the substance of the lower planes ~ it forgot about its Divine nature and started becoming attached to the form side and, eventually, came to be identified with it. The Spirit on its journey through incarnation had become at-one with the material nature of existence and then began to generate thoughts and desires that were not in line with the soul or spirit, but instead were in line with material existence.

The sum total of these ancient habits, thoughts and desires is the Dweller on the Threshold. Humanity has created this Dweller and it is ours to dissipate the Dweller by bringing Light “from on high” into the various levels of thoughts, desires and habits.

It is through the Lighted Way that we as Humanity are able not only to transfer focus from darkness into Light, but also to serve as examples of what it is to make the transition, thereby assisting others in doing so.

In the present tumultuous world cycle, the need is great for Light workers to assist in stepping down the massive energies from on high that are brought into Life on Earth by the light being imbued into daily experience, through circuits of energy coming in and through the realms of all Life from cosmic levels.

It’s altogether important to approach any challenging realities with open heart and mind. In the face of current events that might otherwise intimidate and generate fear and resistance, we can instead see these as opportunities for growth and expansion of consciousness.

Certainly there is a call to honor and regard the progress of Humanity with courage and compassion. Each of us belongs to a center of Light and Love on planet Earth, and in this alignment we may seek and find the strength to serve courageously during times of strife and hardship.

Letting in the Light
Triangles Bulletin, Lucis Trust

Lead us, O Lord, from death to Immortality;
From darkness to Light;
From the unreal to the Real.

           - Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age II

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