Rising Up in 2015

And now let us welcome the New Year
Full of things that have never been

- Rainer Maria Rilke

May the New Year 2015 bring Blessings of Light, Love and Empowerment to all Light workers.
May the Spirit of Peace, Sharing and Freedom prevail throughout the year.
To the Glory of the One!

New Year's Global Meditations

We call your attention to 2 very worthwhile offerings beginning on New Year's Day,
for participation during the entire year ahead ...


A Course In Miracles Worldwide Revival
January 1 - December 31, 2015
All of 2015

Join the Course in Miracles 50th Birthday
Celebration. Chant and sing all 365 lessons
of the Course in Miracles during 2015.
“When we sing we pray twice.”
Each week receive a free recorded lesson
and join a live conference call. Revival
events around North America are planned.
Imagine 100,000 people participating.
Light the fire that burns away the fear.

ACIM Lesson 1 for January 1, 2015 (7-min audio)
Be sure to listen to the commentary at the very end.


Global Triangles Inaugural
Meditation Broadcast

New Years Day – Jan. 1, 2015
1:50pm PST (21:50 UT)
*Additional Broadcasts during 2015*

Help form 100,000 active meditative
Triangles by the end of 2015 to “turn
around” the world situation. In 2015 three
exact oppositions of Pluto to Sirius occur,
the first Feb. 3 and the last Dec. 9. New
Years Day 2015 is a Day of Resolution /
Obligation and Willful Intention. Join the
Broadcast. Begin to participate in an esoteric
process with tremendous potential to uplift
the consciousness of humanity in 2015.
Live Stream Broadcast Link

* * *
Additional Links of Interest
Triangles ~ Lucis Trust
Pluto in Esoteric Astrology
Sirius Our Spiritual Sun
The New Year's Star ~ Sirius

Transformation ~ Pluto

You may want to join with 2 other people in a meditative triangle during 2015,
in order to make the most of the 3 oppositions of Pluto to Sirius.


The New Years Star ~ Sirius

Cheers to a GloryUs 2015!

Three Sisters Climbing Our Mountains

It is worth the effort

to form triads for the earth;

resonating with

the waters of the cosmos.

"Where Two Or More Are Gathered, There Am I".