Look Up! ... Solstice Sun and Planet Earth

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The December solstice is exact Sunday, December 21 at 3:03pm PST (23:03 UT), just 2 1/2 hours before our current lunar cycle ends. 

Sunset Saturday, Dec. 20 - sunrise Monday Dec. 22 is a High Holy Time, a period to be receptive and to align with the new potent cycle of spiritual approach. You are invited to participate in SouledOut.org's Planetary Solstice Meditation. Meditate with SouldedOut.org at the exact time of the solstice or join in anytime during this 36-hour period.

The astronomical and spiritual significance of the December solstice is discussed below.

The Solstice Sun
Enters Mother Earth

Image: www.newsfile.ie

At certain ancient cairns in Ireland the Sun reaches deep inside Gaia on the winter solstice, only on that one day is the inner chamber lit, as if the celestial body of our male Sun impregnates Mother Earth with rays of light.

This fascinating Image Description includes more photos.

December Solstice Sun and Planet Earth

Near the December Solstice the Sun, our central luminary, conjoins the Galactic Center, the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy

At the time the Sun conjoins the Galactic Center, the orbit of Earth brings our planet closest to our physical Sun. Earth at perihelion occurs annually around January 2 – 4. This is also the time the Earth is in conjunction with our Spiritual Sun, Sirius.

These astronomical events produce a powerful relationship between the Heart of our Galaxy and the heart of our solar system (the physical Sun), and the Earth and Sirius (esoterically the heart of our Sun).

In addition, at the December solstice the planetary Hierarchy (Earth's heart center) enters meditation by aligning with the energies of Sirius. These potent cosmic heart energies join forces annually at this time of the year and enliven the heart of humanity.

This astronomical and meditative timing unites solar energies with the transmissions of galactic intelligence. These aligned influences then stream forth into our solar system. Each year the December solstice event simultaneously produces a powerful relationship between our Earth, the Sun (our physical source of light and life) the Hierarchy and the star Sirius (our spiritual source of light and life).

The Hierarchy stands as a bridge between our planet and the forces of the cosmic realms. The planetary Hierarchy’s invocative alignment and meditative reception at this time draws in the light of the new cycle, which readies humanity for the outpouring of spiritual energies at the Wesak event occurring in the spring.

The December solstice is a potent, cyclic point on the Divine continuum of light. In honor of this event the folks at SouledOut.org are inspired to dedicate the period from sunset Saturday, Dec. 20 - sunrise Monday Dec. 22 to the high meditation taking place on the inner planes at this time.

During this period of receptivity, we ask all to attune to the spiritual energies flowing through on behalf of the Earth and all humanity. All are encouraged to observe this planetary event as inspired, becoming still and receptive to the inflowing energies. The promise of the Divine is made ever more real with this great meditative work.

We suggest the use of a candle (or other light) in the window to represent the Spirit being invoked as we connect with the spiritual Hierarchy. Another suggestion is to meditate outside facing the Sun, which is aligned with the Heart of our Galaxy, and let in as much light energy as possible. Invoke the greatest good to work in you and through you.

Learn more and participate in SouledOut.org's Planetary Solstice Event ~ Meditation.

The Winter Solstice offers astronomical understanding and lists key December solstice global meditations.


This lunar cycle, which ends Sunday, December 21, at 5:36pm PST (01:36 UT), just 2 1/2 hours after the exact December solstice, has been about revolution and revelation, metamorphosis and self-mastery. The lunar journey now leads to the open doorway of the solstice, to a new cycle of astronomical timing and spiritual approach. Be receptive! The Light and Life of the solstice bring us into the Company of Heaven where our horizons expand and all things are possible.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky