“Be Not Distracted” ~ Week of 12/8 - 12/14

... Transform everyday life into a Festival of the Spirit ...
- Agni Yoga #304

Implicit in our striving through Sagittarian 1-pointed focus is the injunction to “be not distracted” from that aligned path which leads to our sacred goal.

Soul Alignment necessarily emanates from Grounding to Purpose, and vice versa. We recognize that the Soul itself is anchored through the Monad, connected through Essential Divinity to all other Monads in the One Life.

We can get some conception of the evolutionary ladder of life and the place of the great spiritual sages in the Cosmic Hierarchy, by comparing a diamond or a gold nugget with a Buddha or a Christ. The diamond may be said to be the most perfect imbodiment of a monad or evolving consciousness-life-center in the Mineral Kingdom. It is so perfect, not merely because it is beautiful and rare, but because it is closer to the high spiritual plane from which it started its great evolutionary journey in this period of manifestation as an unselfconscious god-spark. But beautiful and exquisite as the diamond is in its mineral imbodiment, how much more inspiring and potent for good is the "diamond-heart" of a Buddha, who has passed through all the lower kingdoms, become thoroughly individualized as a man, and then, by his own self-devised and self-induced efforts, merged his individual consciousness into the consciousness of the whole, deliberately chosen the path of compassion, and acquired thereby relative omniscience! As the diamond is to the piece of charcoal, though both are composed of identically the same chemical carbon, so is the Great Sage to the average man, though both are builded of the same principles.
          - Iverson L. Harris, "Great Sages and Their Place in the Cosmic Hierarchy"

As light workers, in present time we consciously, continuously realign our association with the Divine Plan ~ the unfolding Purpose of the One Life. Through our implementing the Principle of Decision, we become ever steadier in our service manifestation.

The Sagittarius cycle we’re traversing this month emphasizes the symbology of the Archer, representing thought forms as they shoot out into the mental plane.

It’s at the level of thought that we unify a holistic approach to our life expression, regarding each and every thought as a seed being added to the mix of shared mental plane material. This is all the more effective as we maintain higher mind, despite the many disruptions that arise through interaction with energies and situations, while we serve the very moment of present time unfoldment.

“Thoughts are things.” Just as we make choices to determine our location in time and space, we also choose our mental environment. And, since the thought is father to the deed, the result of these choices can influence not just the present but also future happenings.

Choosing, actually creating, a mental environment comprised of higher mind and soulic material will affect not only one’s own destiny, but also the happiness and wellbeing of all those around.

During the sun’s transit through the sign Sagittarius, our central luminary moves also through the constellation Ophiuchus, known as the Serpent Handler or Medicine Man, and to whom we may look for inspiration on our own initiatory journey.

Ophiuchus is exemplar of one who has mastered the initiatory forces of life and who has brought the interplay of these forces to a greater spiritual fulfillment. The neck (Unukalhai) and head of the snake embody the essence and wisdom of living true to soul, in one's true self-mastery ~ as a Christed (soul infused) being of light.
          - Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Ophiuchus’s challenge is to unite the 2 segments of the enormous snake he wields. “We could think of these as the upper and lower chakras with Ophiuchus representing the Heart Center, or perhaps more likely Spirit and Matter, with Ophiuchus representing the Soul.” (1)

Just as Ophiuchus can accomplish his task only through 1-pointed focus, so are we called to dedicate our soul-infused instrument to our contribution within the One Life.

We can, like Ophiuchus, attain through this focused channel … “Ophiuchus is about being aligned with Galactic Life Force and Immortality, thus it holds some important clues about the free and abundant energy that powers our planet and could be used for every aspect of our lives.” (2)

Through our practice, more and more we are able to hold the mind steady in the light. Placing our consciousness at the top of the head, everyday life becomes an ongoing meditation in which we may more astutely and effectively play our part in the interactive continuity of Life itself.

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(1) and (2) Heidi Astraia

With Gratitude to Heidi, Nick, Susan and also to Alexandra Star for sharing the inspired Iverson Harris passage and to Nancy for the Agni Yoga seed quote.