Alignment to Purpose

Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred.
- Hafiz

Purpose is associated with Shamballa and the planetary Head center, also known as the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara. Purpose, then, is essentially 1st Ray in character, and relates to the Monad.

As we endeavor to draw upon the very purest Wisdom, it may no longer serve to describe this truth as a religion, or simply as revolving around a named deity such as God or Shiva ~ though these may nonetheless be useful vehicles in such undertaking.

This is because the nature of pure Wisdom is formless and therefore relatively impossible to define or describe adequately in words. We are called to align to that which eludes naming ~ the Divine Essence that exists beyond our grandest dreams.

How do we search for, and therefore find, this rarified point of alignment?

Knowing Our Purpose Reveals Our Direction
Knowing Our Direction Reveals Our Purpose

One requirement for highest alignment to Purpose is our Purification. As we cleanse and dedicate our instruments, we open to the increased vibration our bodies are able to contact only by attaining harmony with the higher vibratory rate.

For all we do we have motives, good or other ones. All our motives are stored in the causal body, the temple or spiritual body of our soul, through which it can manifest. It is the storeroom of our motives. Built over eons it lays the foundation for the structures of our character. The motives are the causes by which we are urged to our actions.
          - Circle of Goodwill Newsletter, Basics of Spiritual Life, No. 4

Beyond Purification ... another essential ingredient is to cultivate Joy in our being and in our environment. Buddhi ~ this expression of pure Love ~ is reached ever more fully through our Gratitude for all Blessings that permeate the Life.

An interesting effect ~ the Joy we experience and share is comprised of our Dedication to the One Life. This Joy is a by-product of the great Gratitude implicit in the Life of all light workers.

The Sagittarius energies bring conducive opportunity to aim thoughtful arrows to Goodwill ~ another requirement for engendering highest alignment to Purpose. For Goodwill is actually the Divine Will acting through us, assisting in this expression.

Good will means to think of the welfare of others, without personal motives. It requires to know what is going on on the planet and not to be just busy with your own little life. The work of good will demands patience, perseverance, and the courage to express the good will in daily life; this should be done whole-heartedly and not as a part-time job.

The activities should be done in an impersonal way …. We have to learn to be humble towards what we receive and pass on. For this we turn to the inside by means of meditation and prayer, in order to attune our will to the Will of the One. Then we can go out in order to fulfil our duties in harmony with it.
          - Circle of Goodwill Newsletter, Scorpio 2004

This cycle’s full moon on December 6 completes the 3 Fall Full Moon Festivals, these are directly opposite the Spring Festivals and with this Saturday's full moon, we reflect upon the Gemini~Sagittarius Festival of Unification that we observed in group alignment on June 12. From our vantage point now, 6 months later, there is opportunity to integrate and wield those forces that were transmitted from on high during the Goodwill Festival.

The Common Good

Our ability to know our direction in support of the Purpose of the One Life is guided by invoking and embracing the Monadic Essence.

We identify with, and as, the One Life. We fully and completely relinquish our individual Will in deference to the Divine Will and we dedicate ourselves to this Greater Purpose, based on the Synthesis of Life Itself.

Once aligned to the Divine Plan and Purpose, we become the Path itself.

When form, meaning and significance or Purpose come into
alignment, we have continuity of consciousness.

- Nancy Connally

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