Sagittarius Meditation Focus ~ Week of November 23 - 30

Learn to be silent, and start talking through actions and by example.
- Carlow Cardoso Aveline

Sea of Fire Meditation ~ Audio

For upcoming week through Sunday, November 30, SouledOut’s new Sagittarius Meditation Focus returns to the Sea of Fire for alignment to present time energies following the November 22 new moon.

Through our individual and group meditation, we may find and plant the seeds for synthesis to be revealed on planet Earth, in fulfillment of Humanity’s Divine Destiny.

Emerging from Saturday’s new moon that took place less than 1 degree into the sign Sagittarius, we move now into the holiday “holy day” season. With longer nights and shorter days, the spiritual quickening in our lives is notable.

Jupiter, the planet of faith and expansion, is the ruler of Sagittarius on the level of personality, leading us to ever expanding horizons. Mars, the engine of desire and courage, rules Sagittarius on the hierarchical level of the group soul, providing the energy, courage and impetus for these journeys. Earth is the soul ruler of this fiery sign. Earth is the school in which we can most quickly gain experience. Planet Earth is always opposite our natal Suns, our will and essence, in Soul centered astrology. The placement of Earth in our charts indicates the area of experience that is our path of service to humanity. Letting go of the known is an integral quality of our nature. Love is the force that creates worlds, expressing in an eternally expanding universe. The courage and curiosity to individualize and explore arise from our divinely infused humanity and our Sagittarius part of consciousness.
                - Bonnie Orgren

The Sun now transits in a stellium of planets ~ our central luminary is surrounded by Mercury, Saturn and Venus adjacent to the constellation Hercules, representing the initiate.

This area of the heavens is about transmuting lower-self desires and patterns into a higher neurological resonance that results in self-mastery, as well as the squirming avoidance often encountered when attempting to surrender lower-order self for a higher office. The beast within does not go willingly to the sacrificial altar of the Centaur where such transmutation occurs. Conscious deliberation precedes deliberate action to energetically take hold of lesser self with determination and conviction to willingly choose a path of transmutation.
               - Nick Fiorenza, The Lunar Planner

Legendary Journeys of Hercules ~ Sagittarius

We may utilize the combination of planetary, systemic and cosmic energies in and through our meditation focus to assist in our quest for Cosmic Union. This brings attunement as we explore pursuit of our Cosmic Goal.

Rather than engaging merely from an individual perspective, by our efforts we are actively practicing Universal Identification in that we identify always with the One Life.

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