Unity of Purpose ~ November 8 - 14

Peace is more than the cessation of hostilities; it is ultimately a state of consciousness
that is aligned with a higher will and purpose. To be at peace is to be at one with Life's calling.

- Meditation Mount, Ojai

The pursuit of Unity Consciousness requires surrender of the individual self unto that greater Whole encompassing all life.

As we become more and more aware of the interdependency of all the kingdoms and of our planetary connection to the solar system and beyond, this anchors our identification to the entire Cosmic Life of which we are a part.

One’s Yoga, by whatever name we call it, consists of holding steady in this Cosmic Identification for all decisions and all actions ~ seeing these as co-creations with the One Life rather than as simply affecting the situation close at hand.

Embracing the Monadic Essence, we connect our experiences in manifestation with that Divine Reality responsible for creating and utilizing the form aspect of life, and beyond this with the Spirit aspect of all existence.

Our capacity to demonstrate in balance these three points of reference ~ physical~form, buddhic~soul and monadic~spirit ~ imbues into all that we contact the very Purpose that lies behind expression.

Our ability to embody this Purpose in the worlds of appearance supplants the illusion of anything contradicting the Cosmic Principles and Laws.

In our united invocative appeal we seek direction, through the guidance we receive as impressions, to serve in the Divine Purpose and Plan. We become increasingly compassionate, with all beings.

Regarding our service as group endeavor … seeing and identifying with the Divine Essence in all … working with Goodwill to establish the balance between all the Kingdoms of Life ~ these demonstrations of the Divine Truths of Deity are infused and instilled into all we touch.

You are the world, you are not separate from the world. You are not an American, Russian, Hindu, or Muslim. You are apart from these labels and words, you are the rest of mankind because your consciousness, your reactions are similar to the others. You may speak a different language, have different customs, that is superficial culture — all cultures apparently are superficial — but your consciousness, your reactions, your faith, your beliefs, your ideologies, your fears, anxieties, loneliness, sorrow, and pleasure are similar to the rest of mankind. If you change, it will affect the whole of mankind.
                                   - Krishnamurti to Himself

Let Purpose guide our wills ~
The Purpose which the masters know and serve.

- from The Great Invocation

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