Invoking the Monadic Essence ~ November 1 - 7

The theoretical interface between matter and spirit of course continues to be
recognized, understood, used and respected but this inclusive consciousness
is only a means to an end. The soul is not our destination. And it is not an
entity to be worshipped for itself even in the name of love.

- L. Rae Lake, “Being: Beyond the Soul” (The Beacon)

We are both interdependent and unique, individuals within the greater Whole.

As we attune our instrument ~ the triple vehicles of our physical, emotional and mental bodies ~ to the very highest alignment, we intentionally affirm that the Soul is in control and that our personality wants and desires are secondary to its impressing directives.

Like any endeavor, the more we devote ourself to the practice of Soul expression, the more we become accomplished in doing so. Over time, as we become increasingly adept at recognizing our place within the Divine Plan and Purpose of Life, this way of being becomes natural and takes hold.

Eventually we discern that behind the Soul, which essentially is the consciousness aspect, there is an even greater causative factor underlying all manifestation. This Divine spark lies behind all expressions and all forms.

Fully embracing the Soul and all of its glorious Love and Wisdom, we come to recognize not the Soul but rather the Life aspect to be the guiding energy that calls us no longer to aspire or become, but instead to simply BE.

We hold our attuned vibration within the whole of Life itself.

One method for developing a life of service is to invoke the Monadic Essence in our daily, moment to moment experiences. There is an energetic signature we may become familiar with, it emanates from the monad and serves as a foundation for our creative expression in the worlds of experience.

Having contacted this Monadic Essence, we infuse it into all our relationships and experiences as our unique, creative service. This requires the imposition of will in order to focus always on the synthesis of all Life.

Through our inner life we are vivified by the flow of spirit into all we feel, think and do. Infused with this Divine essence, all we create reflects the harmony of all Life into our unfolding interactive expression.

Our ability to know our direction, our life purpose is guided by embracing this very Monadic Essence.

Once aligned to the Divine Plan and Purpose, we become the Path itself.

Knowing Our Purpose Reveals Our Direction
Knowing Our Direction Reveals Our Purpose

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Monadic Essence

Wow. I really enjoyed this post and thought it was refreshing. The Monad is indeed one and many. Like a unit in it's broadest sense. It's really beautiful to imagine, how it can mean a tiny atom or even the most vast solar system! It makes me feel connected and in peace.

Monadic regards, Yul Tang. The High Calling is within us!

Thank you so much for the abuncane of delight on your posts. To me, it's like beautiful theatre, both spiritual, mundane and abstract.