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A solar eclipse heralded a new lunar cycle that began October 23, 2:57pm PDT. This cycle peaks with the November 6 Full Moon and ends November 22, 4:32 am PST. The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Scorpio Festival Global Meditation.

A solar eclipse at the time of the New Moon emphasizes new beginnings that integrate the female (lunar) and male (solar) energies. As a result, during this lunar cycle, humanity is given the opportunity and difficult task to sink into and rise out of creation's "dark void" with a new level of awareness, balance, wholeness and light.

Eclipse of the Heart ~ A Shamanic Journey
Venus at Superior Conjunction in the Underworld

"Meeting the Shadow"
Image Credit: HealingStars.com

Lunar Theme ~ Eclipse of the Heart

Currently Venus remains hidden from view by the glaring light of our Sun while switching horizons from the sunrise morning horizon to the sunset evening horizon. Morning Venus, lost in the glowing solar embrace, disappeared from the morning sky September 16, 2014. The planet was in superior conjunction October 25, 2014, and reappears in the evening sky after sunset December 4, 2014.

Venus the goddess of love is hidden from our view for approximately two months. This disappearance has been likened to the descent of Inanna, The Queen of Heaven, into the Underworld, an inner shamanic journey to meet the shadow self and be reborn once again into the Light.

Lunar Theme: Eclipse of the Heart "The New Moon eclipse conjoins Venus and Pallas [*] ... This area of the zodiak is about the formation of new life ... about personal and environmental support we have and provide to birth and express our greatest potential and to achieve our evolutionary fulfillment. It is also about transcendent navigational currents ... waves occurring at the subatomic level that formulate the possibilities and probabilities in our lives ... Conscious coalescence of these waves becomes possible as we awaken ... Venus is making passage through its dark phase ... hidden and obscured by the Sun. Thus, Venusian resonances are least present at this time ... Our own inner Venus-related bio-resonances are thus tested ... primarily matters of the heart, our immune response and that which we magnetically attract ... issues of fear and trust arise, trust in our own hearts, in our intuition and in our capacity to be receptive to the love and fulfillment we seek and desire in life." - Nick Fiorenza gives insights to this lunar cycle, which begins Oct. 23, 2:57 pm PDT and ends Nov. 22, 4:32 am PST.

The Underworld ... Looking Within

In the myth of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven descends into the Underworld through 7 gates that are analagous to the 7 chakras, the energy centers that reside in every human being. At each gate she dies to a part of herself that no longer serves the Whole Self, the Divine Self. During the descent, in order to pass through the gates Inanna must give up her outdated crown, various jewels and garments until she stands naked before the Goddess of Hell who is the ultimate image of death. This hellish Goddess, the shadow self, is the manifestation of the end of life, the dreaded degeneration of form who shows no mercy to Inanna.

With the disappearance of Venus, our "Underworld" is activated. We have the opportunity and challenge of recognizing and facing our shadow selves, and of being reborn anew.

Through the experience of the underworld (or our inner world) we can see life as existing as nothing but process, and use this time for inner renewal and rejuvenation. Consider the feeling of gradually descending into a hot mineral spring bath, and after fully letting go, feeling the heat relax and gently massage your muscles back to life again ... Through the process of integrating that which we have avoided, ignored, or suppressed, we will emerge as matured and ripened veterans ready to initiate (or continuing to further initiate!) great new changes. New Paradigm Astrology

Inanna’s descent represents the supreme wisdom of the feminine journey – she goes down to the place of grief, accepting the mourning that inevitably goes with the loss of our illusions about someone, or indeed about ourselves. Astrologer and Author Melanie Reinhart

Venus rises in the west after sunset December 4, 2014. The goddess of love remains visible in the evening sky for approximately 260 days or 7 lunar cycles.

As Evening Star Venus meets with the waxing Moon 7 to 8 times returning through the seven gates in the reverse order, now transformed and empowered from her initiation as she regains her garments and symbols of her royal status. She is reborn. Healing Stars

After remaining visible in the evening sky for about 260 days and 7-8 lunar cycles, Venus returns to the underworld for a short 0-20 days, once again disappearing from view while switching horizons – this time from the western evening skyline to the eastern morning skyline. Inferior conjunction with the Sun marks the mid-point of this transition.

A new Venus / Inanna cycle begins after the planet's inferior conjunction (the Venus phase similar to a New Moon phase), when Venus is first visible (10 degrees distant from the sun) in the eastern morning sky. Venus remains visible in the morning sky for approximately 260 days or 7 lunar cycles, the same duration of time that Venus is visible in the evening sky. A completed cycle of  Venus, from one New phase of Venus to the next is 584 days. Tracking five such Venus cycles totaling 8 years, creates a pentagram pattern in the heavens, a symbol for the human being and the number 5.

Note: Venus Has Phases, Like the Moon – Inferior conjunction marks the planet's New Phase and superior conjunction, which just occurred Oct. 25 marks the Full phase of Venus.

Venus' solar communion is bound to test our alignment with the Divine Self and true spiritual Will, especially now throughout the sign of Scorpio. The evolving and combined energies of Venus and Sol shine down upon us during the day. Know that it is time to look within and rise up like a phoenix from the ashes of death. In the words of Kaypacha, "I wish you goodwill on your journey and may the treasures you recover be eternal!"

The above "Underworld" information has been culled from:
Healing Stars Sept 15-21, Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld, A Shamanic View of the Venus Synodic Cycle


Oct. 27-29, Monday-Wednesday, Dusk
The waxing Crescent Moon guides us to Mars.
This lunar phase brings up obstacles from the past that can impede
the new incoming energies and one's growth in consciousness.
The time to overcome these obstacles is now.
10/27-29 Dusk Map Look SW 1 hour after sunset.
Moon and Mars again on October 28

Oct. 30, Thursday Evening, First Quarter Moon exact: 7:48pm PDT (02:48 UT 10/31).
This phase signals a balance between light and dark, moving toward the light.
During the First Quarter Moon ...
a continued awareness of that which was conceived at the New Moon is gained.
Ideally any obstacles impeding this awareness are overcome now.
This must happen if the energy released with the coming Full Moon is to be utilized.
Use binoculars to examine the Moon's terminator.
(the line separating the light side from the dark side)
Lunar craters, mountains and valleys are accentuated along this line of contrasting light.
Find the Ghoul Star of Perseus. Plus see moon and Mars

Oct. 31, Halloween Friday
Locate morning Arcturus, Mercury and Jupiter.
Luna rises at 2:30pm in her waxing Gibbous phase.
This phase offers illumination and growth, only
if the obstacles from the past are cleared away.
Orion fully rises by 10:00pm.
The Seven Sisters reign high overhead at midnight.
Maps and more at Halloween and the Pleiades.

Nov. 1, Saturday, Dawn
45 minutes before sunrise, east-southeast
Mercury is at its best for 2014.
Mercury/Spica Map
Nov. 1 Saturday, Evening
Look for Fomalhaut almost straight below the Moon.
Also see Fomalhaut in Any Night below.
Vega is the brightest star very high in the west-northwest.
Learn more about Vega at The Summer Triangle.
Capella, similarly bright, is rising in the northeast.
Daylight-saving time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday morning
for most of North America. Clocks fall back an hour.

Nov. 3 & 4, Monday & Tuesday
-- The waxing Gibbous Moon is near Uranus both evenings.
-- Mars is at top of the Sagitarius teapot Nov. 3 after sunset, and
Mercury is near Spica of Virgo the Virgin Nov. 4 before dawn.
"Mercury and the Maiden Versus Mars and the Teapot"
(5-minute fun and informative video)

Nov. 5-6, Thursday
Participate in the Scorpio Festival Global Meditation.
Full moon on November 6 stays out all night long

Any Night
-- Arcturus is an evening and morning star! Maps/Text
-- Bright Capella is in the NE.
-- Bright Vega is in the SW.
-- Look SW for red Mars
-- Find Fomalaut, the lonely bright star in the South. Map
Fomalhaut inspires future humanitarian vision and promotes the flow of resources
within the human populous that creates a wholesome human condition.
Invoke Fomalhaut's help for the administration of resources on our planet.
-- Peer into vast ocean of stars in autumn evening sky
-- Summer Triangle in west on fall and winter evenings
-- November's Milky Way Map

Any Morning
-- Arcturus is an evening and morning star! Maps/Text
-- Mercury is at its best and highest Nov. 1 then sinks daily in the east.
-- View brilliant Jupiter above bluish Regulus. Map
Regulus is the heart star of Leo the Lion.
Jupiter rises around midnight, highest at dawn.
Jupiter ascends daily, rising earlier each day.
-- Use Orion's belt to find our brightest star Sirius and
Aldebaran, the reddish star of Taurus the Bull. Map

Naked Eye Planets Hidden from Our View:
-- Venus is unseen in the Sun's glare; reappears early Dec. evenings.
--Saturn is sinking into the Sun's afterglow in the SW.
Right timing and a clear horizon are needed to see this planet.

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.

Charting the Heavens
EarthSky Tonight ... nightly highlights/maps
This Week's Sky at a Glance ... weekly highlights/maps


This lunar cycle is about going within and facing our fears and trusting our hearts, intuition and capacity to be receptive to the love and fulfillment. Venus' solar communion and the seasonal sign and zodiacal energy stream of Scorpio are testing us and taking us on a shamanic journey that can lead to a rebirth.

We are consecrating the form aspect, to make it available as a channel for the Divine. Old structures of thought that no longer serve must be dissolved. In their place, Spirit will impress upon us the needed new ways of being for our next steps on our Divine path. - Scorpio Festival Global Meditation

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the 2014 Scorpio Festival Global Meditation. Join with others in meditation and strengthen the Light Grid of planet Earth.

Step forward, dive deeper.
go to your core.
Intersections of darkness and light.
Crossroads of comings and goings.
Passion to change and resistance to change....
Breathe deeply and breathe deeper
each moment is magic.

- Jacqueline Lasahn


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky