9/21 Int’l Day of Peace Vigil ~ September 20

No human-made problems are intractable when humans put their
heads together with the earnest desire to overcome them.
No peace is impossible when people are determined to achieve it.

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 8/14/14

Sunday's Peace Vigil ~ Sept. 21

So that all may prepare according to your inspiration, this link provides a summary of the various ways to partake in the International Day of Peace Vigil tomorrow, Sunday.

Each year SouledOut.org participates in the Vigil that intones The Great Invocation at the beginning and end of 15-minute meditation periods over a 24-hour period.

As a group, we are signed up for Sunday, September 21 at 9:00 pm PDT. Please hold a Holy Space at this time and intone The Great Invocation at 9:00 pm and 9:15 pm PDT / 04:00 and 04:15 UT.

Mark your calendars. Tell a friend. See you on the inner planes!

Harmony Through Synthesis and Joy

Through what effort do we further engender Harmony in these challenging times?
Let The Flame of Joy Light The World!

The superiority of the spirit will not come if we do not strive toward it. One must assimilate the thought about the transitoriness of the earthly hour and the immutability of the Infinite. Thus Agni Yoga is linked inseparably with Infinity and Hierarchy. Likewise, one can transport oneself to the microcosm of the heart, which contains the reflexes of the far-off worlds. How enticing it is to understand within oneself the rhythms that guide the planet! Certainly, at the time of disturbances it is difficult, but how wondrous it is to adhere to the Cosmic Magnet.
              - Agni Yoga, Hierarchy, 401

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Heart Sparks

"Through what effort do we further engender Harmony in these challenging times?

Let The Flame of Joy Light The World!"


Yesterday, Sept 20, 2014

our community experienced a


created by 2 people central to this place on Planet Earth

(one of whom is a member of SouledOut).

Their inspiration, dedication and hard work

resulted in a sharing and celebration

by community members

of what inspires them individually or as part of a group;

what makes their Hearts Sing;

what they want to be able to share with the community.


It was a step


focus on healing pain and suffering

that has existed in the community for a hundred years


focus on the


we each do possess

and that enriches our lives.

In sharing it,

our community LEAPS!!!! towards BEING

this place of


(An example of what just 2 people, working together, planted the seeds for in this particular place on Earth).