Spiritual Kingdom Manifests ~ September 18

Only the proper environmental conditions are required to allow the
underlying and natural "seed of compassion" to germinate and grow.

- The 14th Dalai Lama

The Spiritual Kingdom Manifests   

As we continue to contemplate the significance of the Seed as it relates to Spirit, one example of such a seed in progress of growth is now coming to light ~ the emergence of the Spiritual Kingdom.

… spiritual knowledge reveals itself according to the laws of time. An era where it is concealed is said to be a dark time of ignorance. When it is disclosed again, it brightly shines out and seems to be new, as if it were given for the first time. But according to the wisdom teachings the knowledge exists from the very beginning of humanity, and the great teachers who impart it are called the Spiritual Hierarchy.

With the blossoming of mind today’s influence of the Aquarian age brings about a ... crisis, in order to make man finally a spiritual being, a member of the fifth kingdom of nature, of Spiritual Hierarchy. The soul takes on a higher rhythm and transcends the human kingdom.

It is the vision of Hierarchy that within the next 300 years humanity undergoes a great transformation. Humanity will transcend death and experience the continuity of consciousness and thus immortality. A remarkable large number of mankind will be convinced of the immortality of man; it will nearly become routine talk, like today it is with the internet. There are people who consciously work for this; they continuously impress the consciousness of mankind with this truth of immortality.

The master or teacher is no other for us than the mirror of our own soul. Since we are used to looking outside of ourselves for guidance, Hierarchy guides us to realise ourselves and decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. We have to learn to think freely and to use our will in freedom to find our way to wisdom.

When we say that the World Teacher and Spiritual Hierarchy are today externalising, this means that they are entering into the lives of many. It is a subtle process, one that is already going on since long ages, even if we may not realise or recognise him. Some think that he has only begun now, because they have opened the window to the Light only now.... If we are receptive and acknowledge the fact of the work of Spiritual Hierarchy, we can co-operate consciously.

Today we prepare the seed for all that will come in future cycles. The vision of Hierarchy spreads over centuries and more; we should not think that all development will happen today. He who walks into light in a greater measure has a greater responsibility to come back and to serve. Those who intensely labour for the Work in this life are not in it for the first time, and they will also continue in future incarnations.

                - excerpts are from Circle of Goodwill Taurus 2005 (I:10) newsletter

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