Praying Mantis ~ September 17

We are the regenerators, the guiding forces behind a new reality.
- Maureen Moss

Praying Mantis

A beautiful portrayal of Virgo’s Divine maternal quality can be seen in the Praying Mantis, whose form actually resembles the shape outlined by the stars of the constellation Virgo.

The species’ progenetive ritual also ties to our focus this week on the Seed, from which new life comes forward.

In early fall, the female Praying Mantis ~ named for the species’ praying posture ~ seeks a guarded location to lay her eggs. These she deposits on a twig or stem. She then protects them with a styrofoam-like substance secreted from her body, which hardens into an egg case in which her offspring will develop over the winter. She typically lays between 100 and 400 eggs. In some species the mother guards the eggs, which are subject to being preyed upon. 

The eggs are laid in autumn before the female Mantis dies with the frost. They’re protected against low temperatures by being stored in separate cells, these provide insulation from cold.

Mantis egg cases begin to hatch when temperatures warm up the following spring. The nymphs hatch and burst out of their enclosures as a small army of hungry youngsters, each the size of a small ant.  

A divine messenger, the Praying Mantis is an ancient symbol of God ~ the African bushman’s manifestation of God come to Earth.

The alien-like head of the Praying Mantis also resembles the triangular shape of the head of the celestial constellation Draco the Dragon ~ another tie to the seed of Life itself governing cycles and rhythms.

In winter we set goals for ourselves ~ New Year's resolutions. Deep within, we create a new seed. Coming out of the darkness into the light of spring, we stop talking and start acting. In the springtime we firmly plant and nourish this seed. We develop an environment in which our goals can actualize.

In summer we find time to relax and shine the light of who we are. There's some nurturing, yet mostly an allowing to just be. In autumn comes our harvest. We reflect to see if we've achieved our goals and begin anew to reflect inward. Again in the winter, we decide what worked and didn't. We go deeper within, make new goals and create new seeds for the grand cycle ahead.

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