Draco the Celestial Dragon

... when the wind (spirit) became enamored of its own principles (the chaos),
an intimate union took place, which connection is called Pothos,
and from this sprang the seed of all.

- Helena Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled

Draco the Dragon

Draco the Dragon is a large constellation located at the “top” of the northern skies, the circumpolar region, across from the Big Dipper and revolving around the pole star Polaris. 

Indeed, viewed from earth the path of the sun and all the other planets in the solar system revolves around Draco, the true ecliptic center of our zodiacal wheel.

Therefore Draco rules over physical manifestation and the realm of time ~ cycles of birth, death, rebirth ~ our conscious, evolutionary journey around the wheel of Life, the zodiac.

“Draco’s the key” ... in that this constellation is held as the Tree of Life, representing the Garden of Eden’s tree of knowledge from which Adam and Eve ate forbidden fruit. The Tree of Life is notably the basis for the symbology of the Kabbalah, handed down from Jewish tradition.

In early fall the celestial Dragon lies in the northwest night sky, between the Big Dipper and the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra, adjacent to the stars comprising Hercules.

Each year while the sun annually travels through the constellation Virgo (we designate this as traversing the sign Libra, from September 20 to October 20), the shooting stars of the Draconids meteor shower appear to flow from the head of this fire-breathing dragon.

The Path of Earth Service ~ Path I of Higher Evolution ~ also links to the sign Libra ~ to reiterate, this area actually spans the stars of the constellation Virgo ~ with Draco, and hints at the deep mystery surrounding the constellation of the Dragon.

With no highest magnitude stars, the relatively dim yet supremely important constellation Draco’s esoteric significance may be connected to the Phata ~ a.k.a. the Pothos, as referenced in the Ageless Wisdom quote shared above.

It is the Phata that contains and holds in trust the ultimate essence, the spark of Life itself. This seeming emptiness is anything but void … as reflected in this excerpt from Nicholas Roerich’s poems “Flame in Chalice” that alludes to the nature and sacredness of the Phata ~


“Guard, tell me why
Thou dost close this door? What
So constantly dost thou guard?”

“I guard
The secret of this chamber.”

“But empty is the
Chamber. Worthy people
Have declared: ‘There is nothing.’”

“The secret of the chamber I know.
To guard it, I am appointed.”

“But empty is thy chamber!"

“For thee it is empty!” answered the guard.

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