Avatars ~ Divine Embodiments ~ September 13

This possible dual event—the coming of the Avatar of Synthesis to the Hierarchy and of
the lesser Avatar, His Representative, to humanity ~ can be a probable happening
if the world disciples and aspirants measure up to the opportunity.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

Avatars ~ Divine Embodiments

Beginning today, our Virgo cycle focus on the Chalice now hones in on the Seed of Spirit within The Divine Feminine, for the coming week.

Inherent in the message of Virgo is the gestation of Divine birth. Potential for a Divine Embodiment is nurtured by our cosmic mother.

The Ageless Wisdom’s Doctrine of Avatars promises that the appropriate mechanism will be found through which Deity can reach and communicate with humanity. There are no exceptions to this universal truth, namely the Continuity of Revelation ~

Ever down the ages and at each human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at the founding of a new race, or in the awakening of a prepared humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God ~ impelled by the law of compassion ~ sends forth a Teacher, a World Saviour, an Illuminator, an Avatar. He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step to be taken by the race, which will illumine a dark world problem and give to man an expression of a hitherto unrealised aspect of divinity. Upon this fact of the continuity of revelation and upon the sequence of this progressive manifestation of the divine nature is based the doctrine of Avatars, of divine Messengers, divine Appearances, and inspired Prophets. To all these history unmistakably testifies.
              - Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy p. 288

When our united invocative request ~ Demand, followed by Readiness and Expectancy ~ becomes sufficiently consistent, we will then recognize the arrival of an avatar. Towards such a Great Being every mind can be directed.

Avatar is the Sanskrit word that means "coming down from far away." These Divine Beings have completely transcended selfhood and separativeness. No longer the dramatic center of their lives as most all humans still are, they have reached a stage of evolved decentralization, allowing them to serve as spiritual events in the Life of our planet.

Avatars have a self-initiated task, their pre-ordained Purpose, and the outstanding capacity to transmit energy or Divine power. They bring about great changes or major recapitulations, inaugurating new ideas or restoring ancient ways.

Divine avatars inevitably will lead humanity in our evolutionary progress to approach divinity. An avatar may generate crisis in order to bring an end to old ways that no longer serve. This creates space for the new evolving life cycle to emerge.

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 December 12 2008



Dialogue with a Unicorn

Me: Unicorn--feminine Unicorn?

Unicorn, tell me how you are part of me.


Unicorn: I am the magical-mystical nature of your soul and spirit.

I am the wild part of you that longs to run free and alone in nature.

The pioneer survivor in you that forever seeks solitude yet longs to be tamed.


Me: What do you mean, tamed?


Unicorn: You long for intense encounters that occur serendipitously.

You long to be touched by purity of love and gentleness

as though those things will become incarnate in you even as you are touched by them.

In many ways the creative tension of your being...to be loved gently, "especially"...

and yet to be free of the need to be loved is the Dance of the Unicorn.

To run where you intuit you are beckoned to run amongst the primitive reality of nature.


Me: What will you teach me of Spirit, Unicorn?


Unicorn: That in the mystery of Spirit

Is the Mystery of Life itself.


Mystery and Symbols and Communion

with the invisible,

are to your being

The essence of Magic....


It is a perception of the awesome reality and power and mystery of Spirit.


Spirit that arises from the depth and reality of Surrender.....

Spirit that transforms the deepest sorrow into profound life giving joy......


The Unicorn is mystery

linked with the reality of the horses

you were familiar with as a young child.


The animal world possess for you mystery,

In the longing to tame what is wild....

to touch the untouchable....

to love the rationally unlovable.....

to have them respond to you in communication....

that they be tamed without loosing their wildness......,

to Encounter them without taming them from the world

that Sets them Free...


You, feminine Unicorn.....

want to be loved

so that you may be nurtured

in your "wild"

...in your spontaneous freedom

akin to the world of nature


The Encounter of Unicorns


You entered my life so quickly,

finding your intuitive touch upon my heart

Touched I was -- my whole being


until life seemed

flowing again through

my viens.


I met


unicorn who struggles wildly

to be free


of falsities

and of a self entangled

with monstrous

and life taking umbilical cords


Yet, our Unicorn lives

do more than fighting,

for we can,

---for a gift in time--

run free,

galloping hard and sure

for the pure delight of it


Ah yes,

We unicorns can run


with pounding hooves

and yet,


we intuit each nuance

of the living and dying

of the life around us.



all life touches us

in the depths

of our very lifeBlood.


We are pierced in its dying

and healed in its healing.


Every nuance of life leaves its

mark upon a unicorn


A secret  I shall share  ~_~:


Unicorns are not

tamed by virgins,

but by

deep love

freely given

from the heart

of one who is

willing to

take the time

to love

and "tame" us

with our Wildness remaining.....


For two unicorns to meet

and to be tamed by each other

is a miracle indeed.


For, these two

it was in the resting and opening

of their Naphsha

to the healing warmth

of the precious Other,

In the Spirit of the Other

their eyes could meet and

lovingly alight

upon the other's soul.



For years I wore a Unicorn pewter pendant. I wore it to a church court meeting.....beside me at the "banquet" table was a "presbytrey" member who became one of my teachers re: Spiritual Reflection. Ron. He was severely disabled and in a wheel chair. Ron was consecrated into a Lay Protestant order of St. Francis and I remember him sharIng with me the depth to which

the Stories of St. Francis needing to be carried where ever he wanted to go

in his failing health years

Touched him.

He found a Guide and Mentor that that had to cope with the Physical Disabilities and Spiritual Sensitivity that he did.


This tale is about  my first "encounter" with Ron. He saw my Unicorn pendant and Said, "I'm a Unicorn".


"Oh, How is that?", I asked, blown away that someone would share their Spiritual Landscape like that with me so deeply on a first meeting.


"Have you ever read the Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle? [I had.] Well the Unicorn in that story looked like an old gray nag, ready for pasture.....except for those who could See Magic. For those who See Magic they could see the Real Unicorn. I'm like that. People don't see my Light or Depth unless they can See Spirit Truth. I realized it was a way to perceive my being a Light without getting caught up with the victimization of attitudes toward the disabled."


That was the second Incarnated Unicorn I ever met....And such a deep wise compassion in his eyes and soul.............and it's when I realized St. Francis of Assisi is a special friend of Unicorns and all Other Realm LifeForms..~_~....





The Unicorn was my first Totem....I had asked for a "totem" animal to make itself known to me while I was in seminary.....I was delighted to find that the Unicorn has emerged as the elusive power of the Spirit, as healer, as Christ figure.


The above verse was written in the early 80's when I first savoured visual meditations and the Power of Story and Symbol as Healing sources. As a result Mythology has come to me as Sacred Story that Transforms and Heals. What Jung explored......


In what turned out to be preparation for my present Pilgrimage of Peace, I began reading a lot of material on the Holy Grail/Mary Magadalene...about the time the Davinci code was published.....And once again the Unicorn made its presence known to me as it brought to me energies of Mary Magdalene and the Christ in a new way....


And Today I found myself here, typing "messages" I received 30 years ago.....

And then the StarLight Waters of the Unicorns Horn continued to flow anew......with the,


Unicorn reminding me of

images of Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail,

the Horned one

Come to Bless and Make New

The Chalice of Light

and Tender Loving Compassion


Grail of "Our" Earth

Grail of "Our" Heart

Grail that is "OUR" Body....

WE consecrate thee

to the Order of the Unicorn.......


Dance in the Christ Light

and the Mystical Union

of Celibate Lovers....

Celebrating the Paradox Tension

of "being Tamed"

and Running free.....


Setting off to trek for peace

i had no idea

i would find the Realm of Unicorns

On Earth.....


...where all things are possible

moving in and out of Realms

that are ALight with

The Consciousness of

Joy and Healing....

Of Sacred Celebration....

and Holy Friendship......

A world where


Now Celibate

find the Sanctuary of Intimacy...........


Unicorn and Maiden....Two worlds meeting

the Unicorn's Horn of Healing Light



Chalice of Eternal, Cascading StarLight

Yin and Yang

Being and Action

God and Goddess

Star and Earth


Once upon a time a Unicorn set out to

Let its silver hooves dance upon

the Earth in the Season of CandleLight...

The Stars twinkled in the Laughter of Bells,

The Constellations told their Stories for those who

would raise their eyes and behold their Sacred Magic....


The Unicorn Laughed....

intermingling an etheral Neighing

with the Bell Tinkling of the Stars.....


And the Chalice of Stars....

Our Universe so filled with Galaxies.....


And Without

Above and



Overflowed in Joyous Blessings

Awakened by the Laughter

and 3rd Eye Blessing

of the Unicorn's horn......




WE ARE the Chalice

WE ARE the Light


Unicorn Horn of Magic DeLight

And Star filled of Healing Light

Like a fountain from a Spring of StarLight

Bubbling from within........


Joy and Celebration

With all the Sacred Expressions

of Faeries, and Dryadds

Of Fauns and dear Elves.....

The Plants and Flowers

with their Dear Devas


And our Star-Earth Companions....

Bear, and Swan,

Eagle and Horse,

Virgin and Sun,


and Whale..........


Transmissions of Angelic Light

and Blessings

Between the Stars and their counterparts....

Each Star and Galaxy

Connecting on Spirit Meridians

From Without to Within........

Above and Below......

Before and Behind.....

Gently Wiring the cosmic Christ

To Dance within Our Cell's

Star Systems

in Harmony with the "Heavens"

Of Space and the Inner Realms.........


Sipping the Unicorn's Horn Chalice

We Drink in The Waves of Light Transmissions

That feed the Virgin places in us

awaiting Awakening Life and Joy

for a "new" age.............


From the Stars

Cascade their Blessings of

LifeLight and LightLife..............


May the Unicorn Awaken a Spirit Birth..........

As You Claim the Light that is YOU.


Voice of YOUR Soul



A dear companion once wrote this to me:

“Guided by your Soul’s own Truth…

…Hear Only Your Truth


ALL other Human Voices


Hear the Voice of the Earth

In your DNA

Of Your Physicality…”


Of relevance to my comment here is this posting by Joyful:

“Find the Source of Fear within Yourself”


It is worth a re-read!


Who is that human

we have put high upon a mountain pedestal

And named “Spiritual Teacher”

out of belief that a TRUTH has been given by that person

that is RELEVANT and from WISDOM?

And that was ACCEPTED

out of FEAR and ABANDONMENT of our Own Sacred Truth?

The DESPERATE belief that that person COULD in any way

TELL me;


As to what was best for my own

Spiritual Path.

The belief in the warnings by that “teacher”

and of what MUST be done to be saved

from a MANUFACTURED difficulty

from out of the “teacher’s” addictions

...rather than anything relevant to the one being advised.



Above all KNOW


for the particular advice given

by the one who was given the exalted position;

….the one who was deferred to…..

…the one who was functioning

          AS A HUMAN BEING

while enjoying being called “Teacher”.

Get a wider, dis-Passionate, observing view of it,

THEN see what you think of the "spiritual direction".


REMEMBER what your own

SACRED guidance was

BEFORE deferring to the outer voice of a human on a mountaintop.

What were YOUR Soul and BODY calling for?

What would your life functioning & experiences consist of NOW

With guidance ONLY from your OWN Sacred Truth?


Do you fear you would have still been lost upon the path?

Do you believe you were

saved from something

by direction from someone

OUTSIDE yourself?


If the answer to the examination

is found actually to be the same choice:

to follow THE SAME PATH

TO MAKE THE SAME painful life-altering DECISION,

(that called into question the validity of your own Human being),

then there is spiritual rest

in having RE-made ANEW

that choice for BODY & SOUL

from a place of complete awareness.

from your OWN SOUL’S guidance.


And how does a witness


what isn’t to be said aloud?


The companion in Joyful’s story acted with immediate strength & courage

From her position of experience & KNOWING!!

---to the bewilderment of the seeker

who had believed

that there was a  WISE TEACHER

on that Mountain Top.